Tooled Mulberry Bayswater

  1. Ok... so I am being driven mad... I have been after a tooled mulberry bayswater for MONTHS now (nearly pushing a year actually) but they seem to have been discontinued... I am in the UK so have the benefit of the factory shop - but they never have any in stock... and I can't think of where else to go!

    I really don't want to have to resort to eBay as am so wary of being sold a fake... does anyone have any ideas? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. They had several at the Neiman Marcus Last Call store in Atlanta. They were the oak color with the tooled butterfly pattern on them.:smile:
  3. oh my god - i don't suppose you happened to notice the price... i wonder if the would dliver to england?!?!
  4. Which of the tooled Bayswaters are you looking for?
    Since there are a number of different tooled Bayswaters.
  5. Funnily I'm not actually not too fussed about colour as it's the design i really love - ideally it would be oak, but really i'm quite open...
  6. What I mean is - look at my avatar - that's a tooled Bayswater.
    They also made a tooled with butterflies - and one with patchwork.

    Each season they have a new tooled Bayswater - and also in different colours :smile:
  7. tooled bayswaters seem to come up in the sales, because a lot of people don't like them. so keep looking online...
  8. oops sorry - i love the normal tooled (your avatar - looks stunning) - i don't mind the butterflies and i hate the patchwork. I think there was also an ivy (although i may be imagining that - which was quite nice) ideally it would be one like yours mjobsessed.
  9. I'm also in love with it.

    They've been on sale earlier - but I think, they are just about sold out everywhere.

    Here in Copenhagen they didn't even have it in their flag ship store.

    However, I'm quite sure, that this one isn't copied - at least I've never seen it.

    So when you once in a while come accross one on eBay I wouldn't worry about it beeing fake.
  10. There was a Butterfly Rio Bayswater on sale at NMLC sort of near me in Milpitas, CA. I posted pictures of the Mulberry sale selection here:

    This was a couple of days ago, but I did go back again later and they had put several more out. I don't think they're selling that quickly. Unfortunately I don't remember how much it was, but most of the Mulberry bags were 50% or more off.
  11. Right, I have spent nearly all day on the phone... my bill is going to be HUGE and no one has one. There is one on eBay at the moment but as I've never seen a tooled in real life (well close up) I don't know what to think (am very wary of ebay)... MjObsessed do you think you could tell me how this compares to yours? I suspect it must be fake as it says it's new and they are discontinued... also seems very cheap (although I know that you in the US get MUCH better sales than we do with Mulberry)

    This is the one:

    Thanks all! x
  12. You should ask her for pictures of the inside of the bag.

    But she has excellent feedback - and you should know, that had a sale with this bag last sommer - and they sold them like 60% off - so her price looks fair enough.

    However it's sold now - did you decide to buy it? :graucho:
  13. no - i missed it! Nut had emailed her asking if she was willing to ship to the UK and she wasn't so it wouldn't have mayyered anyway... ah well the hunt goes on.... I did buy a roxanne in apple green today though, arrives on Wednesday - cannot wait!
  14. I got my tooled Bayswater on eBay a few months ago, and it's no-kidding authentic-so it is possible! The listing had a lot of pictures, inside, outside, almost inside-out....and I investigated the seller and asked questions before I plunged.
  15. daidygamgee, was yours listed as new or used? Am always wary of discontinued bags I see listed as new, and I think that's half my problem!