Tooled Floral Duffle

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  1. I just got the new black and white cover catalog. the only thing that I really liked was the tooled floral duffle on page 10. have not seen it yet IRL. I did order and receive the platforms (Gracyn Wedge) and the flowered hi heels (Nordstrom) both in camel and love them! Anyone see the tooled duffle IRL?
    these are the only things I like from the spring collection. :sad:
  2. I saw it at Macy's, it is really nice!
  3. I have seen the tooled floral duffle and I loved it IRL. If you like the duffle style, then I think that you really need to get this duffle!
  4. I tried one on a couple of weeks ago and didn't really care for it. It looks beautiful IRL just not on me.
  5. I don't like this style at all
  6. It looks like it would get dirty really fast. I love tooled leather but not this type.

  7. I agree. I love this bag, but at that price, I think it would get way too dirty way too quickly.
  8. thanks for the replies guys. I always stayed away from bright leather like that for the reasons everyone is giving. but it sure is pretty.
  9. This is natural Vachetta, so I don't think it's going to wear well over time... and part of the bag will probably look like the handles on the LV speedy bags really fast! If you don't mind this look, or won't use it often, then maybe you can spray it and be ok. But I personally will not risk this one. I do like it though, but have only seen the wallet IRL and the shoes.
  10. the wallet was cute too. :yes: the whole look reminded me of leather work you see in Mexico. maybe that was the attraction...
  11. I've seen it, but it is no longer on the website? Can you still get it?
  12. I don't think it was on the website. I saw it in the new catalog that just came out.

  13. I love it too! The detail is AMAZING, but just that I worry so much about spotting and uneven patina. I have a D&B Madras safari bag that has some Vachetta trim and snap tabs on the pockets in the front. I wore it around a bit last summer, and the oil from where my arm laid over the bag on my shoulder made the trim and tab a bit ugly on one of the pockets and dark compared to the other trim and pocket tab. I had even sprayed it thoroughly with Shining Monkey.
  14. yikes! I may have to just admire it from afar then...:lol:

  15. Yeah, I agree...especially because it's SO expensive!! Or you might can tailor your wardrobe selection to make sure you don't have a problem...don't expose the bag to oils from your skin and wear light colored clothing that won't bleed on it. It will darken naturally anyway. I also think about this all the time with my camel lily. I just saw a this bag at my boutique...and it didn't even look like mine at all because it had a dark patina on it, I guess from sitting out in the open under the display lights. It actually looked better that way IMO, but I just don't want it to look like the LV speedy bags I've seen where the handles look black where they have been handled so much.