Tooled Bayswater - A Question!

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  1. Hi all.

    I bought a second hand olive and dark green (with tan and drank brown detail) Tooled Bayswater from a nearly new shop last week. It's lovely!

    Can anyone tell me when they were made? It had two matching coin purse key rings attached to it but no postman's lock - do Mulberry sell the lock seperately?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello Karen! Congrats, the tooled bays is lovely! They are from s/s 2006, I believe, at least thats when mine is from (I have one in oak). I think you should contact mulberry and ask about the padlock, maybe they can sell you a new one?
  3. Bag sounds lovely!! Will you post pics?

    Love your cat BTW!!!!!
  4. I'll put a pic on tomorrow. It wasn't cheap for second hand but I fell in love with it! I'm glad to see there are lots of Mulberry fans here. I love Fendi and also Gucci but also have Lulu Guinness and Prada. Basically, I just love bags!

    I'll try Mulberry for the lock - thanks for the advice.
  5. I have attached a pic, hope this works.

    I haven't seen another Tooled Bayswater in green and brown - has anyone else?

    BTW, my cat's called Oscar.


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  6. Fab bag .Being a Bays lover I have only ever seen one other , but not as nice as yours .
  7. what a very rare unusal bag!!
  8. I have seen one on ebay some months ago, I have the chooclate tooled myself and just love it :smile: