Toolbox? Cannot decide

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  1. I'm a little anxious to round out my bag purchases before summer and have been considering a toolbox as one of the last H bags for a while (if there is any such thing). I was 'offered' a blue croc small toolbox last fall at my local boutique and while it was cute and somewhat Celine-ish in style, the 28K price was just not going to happen for this style. I have other bags that cost more than that from H but I've never wanted a toolbox until lately I've seen a few reds that are lovely. I don't have a red bag as I'm very traditional black/white/tans/grey/ and green might completely shock my husband. My boldest color adventure has been a blue Izmir larger picotin for the beach - which is a fun color. If anyone has any suggestions regarding the toolbox - please let me know. Current bags I own (rather store in my closet it seems) from Hermes are: birkins, evelynes, a So Kelly, picotins, jypsiere, a few beach/her/cabana day bags, and lindy's. I seem to match colors more than functionality - so perhaps it's time for a reddish color and new style? All ideas are always welcome!!!
  2. Love the toolbox.... TB 20 is definitely on my wishlist!! Love how you can hand carry or shoulder carry :smile: I just saw a Capucine TB 26 and it was so cute! It also looks great in ultraviolet, and etoupe/soufre, which may fit your color pallete and style without being too pop and bright. Good luck!!
  3. TB is cute in any size since it is unique and has a Kelly style closure. I think it looks good in a bright color.
  4. I love the toolbox. Very versatile and understated yet adorable and classy. I too would love it in a bright color. I saw one in a ruby color that was to die for. I also saw it in etoupe with yellow piping. -- that was gorgeous too! Good luck.
  5. YESSSSSS!!!!! i have one in vermillon swift size 26 and i LOVE my baby :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:

    the size is great, fits a lot, love the shoulder strap option, and the "under the radar" vibe as opposed to B/K, etc. swift leather is also like butter to me :drool:

  6. Love the color!
  7. Nice action pic!
  8. thanks so much ladies! :flowers:
  9. Hahaha - I was gonna try and figure out a way to tag you in this post. =) But I see you beat me to it!
  10. Oops! Repost!
  11. Ideally go for size 26
    Everything is just nice.
    The rest either too small or too big
    Strap too long or too short
  12. I have a size 20 toolbox in swift leather and I love it very much! It can fits almost as much stuffs as my 30 birkin :smile:

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  13. I love the tb! I have a 20 and it surprisingly fits a lot! I love how causal it is. It's so easy to wear. I also love the fact that it's more understated compared to B & K.
  14. Wow! You and your bag are stunning! On me, well...hmmm...I wouldn't pull it off so well! I really love the look so I'll poke around the boutiques and see what they have, and what size is best - as I recall the small was a bit small ! Thanks!!!