Took the Patek plunge!!!!!

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  1. Wanted to share since it was advice on this forum that pushed me over the edge...bought this Patek today:yahoo:!!!!

    (not my photo, this is Bee...Bee's)

    It is being delivered Thursday, had it shipped to avoid sales tax! Can't wait to see it!:wlae:
  2. oooh congratulations, cant wait to see piccies of you wearing it!!! :biggrin:
  3. Beautiful, congrats!
  4. OMG! Lucky you!
  5. Congratulations! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! :love:

    This is me = :drool:

    Great choice... I'm beside myself with envy!! :tup:
  6. wow. gorgeous watch. congratulations!
  7. Excellent decsion...that watch is fantastic!
  8. That is totally gorgeous!! Is it white gold or stainless steel?
  9. it's beautiful, congrats!
  10. NO WAY!!! I am so jealous.
    It is so beautiful. Congrats!
  11. I have that in rose gold. No diamond markers though. Very nice.
  12. very nice!:tup:

    hope you dont mind....what's the damage on this treasure?

  13. congrats!
  14. WOW beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Thanks everyone!!!!! Arrived yesterday! I am in :heart: ! It is stainless steel (the white gold is COMPLETELY out of the question!) The MSRP is $9250, jeweler gave 10% off, no sales tax, also paid for the 2 day shipping. Tried to push for a little more, but he wouldn't budge. It is actually the 2nd least expensive Patek listed!