Took the Apple plunge for good tonight!

  1. Hi guys I have been MIA for a few days now since DH is back home for good from deployment.He has had us out in the streets alot.If some of you can remember I posted a thread about wanting to switch over to a Mac.I have owned a clamshell and an ibook in the past but both were not for very long.Well all the while I've been back and forth as to which Mac to get while ripping and running with him.It was constantly should I get the blackbook,lol or the aluminum.I am no designer or anything along the lines but I do crave features so I said to heck with it just get the Pro:yahoo:.Its the 15" 2.2 santa rosa with a matte screen.

    DH said that if I had gotten this a few months ago I wouldn't be in this state of mind right now.He was kinda upset when after only 4 months of owning the Vaio I have that I no longer wanted it.He stresses now that from now on I must get what I truly want.Don't worry about saving money and blah blah blah.He's such a good guy cause he even said it that he can't say no to me:p.He also said I was spoiled.:yes:

    In a sense I feel kinda bad cause I will only be using it for normal use ie pics,surfing,email and maybe a little Sims 2 here and there.Mainly the Sims thought did it for me when choosing cause I know that at times I go downloading crazy when adding stuff to my game and forget that we have a huge external harddrive in the house for storing things.

    I convinced him also to come on over with me and he will soon be purchasing himself a Mac Pro.We went to the Apple store in Jacksonville,FL to test drive things and the kids got in on the fun as well.It was so cute seeing my 3yr play Cars on an iMac.I can't wait to get everything Windows out of my house.

    Anyway I thought I would share my joy.I guess I can rest easy now cause for days and days Apple has been on my mind.
  2. Yay, you'll love it!!!
  3. Yeah! You will be very happy!
  4. Congrats!!! You made the right decision.
  5. YAY! I'm buying mine this week! I went on Saturday to go buy one at the KOP Mall and there was an hour and a half wait at the apple store.
  6. Is he stationed here at NAS??
  7. Congrats......I went from pc to mac 3 years ago, and have never looked back....
  8. I just ordered a G4 iBook, and I can't wait to get it!!! All of my friends that have Macs love them, and my Vaio finally died after 5 years:push:, so it was time for something new.
  9. Thanks everybody.I can't wait.Jillybean307 thats how it was when we were in the store.It was very busy.Charles my DH seperated from NAS there because he was at GTMO.He was previously stationed here in P'cola and we are still here until he switches branches.Good for you Sassy.I use to own an ibook.It was neat but the person that had it before abused it.
  10. Congratulations on your new purchase! Welcome back to MacWorld!!
  11. That store is a ZOO!! Was there two weeks ago to see a genius and it was CRAZY inside!

  12. I am so glad to know that your DH is home! My friends DH is coming back (sometime soon, no idea what day...) and she is dying!!

    Enjoy your time together!!!
  13. Awesome! I'm glad you finally decided to get it. This laptop will last you a long time. My boyfriend just got his black Macbook in the mail today so we're having a lot of fun with that! Enjoy!
  14. Congrats!! I want a MAC soooo bad for games too!
  15. Congrats, a really good choice of Mac!x