Took off the chain strap!!!!!

  1. I used a pair of pliers to remove my chain strap from my luggage N/S Hamilton. It looks even more like the Birkin now. I still have it on my black Hamilton N/S. I think the bag looks great with the chain gone. My only concern is that someone will think that my bag is a "knockoff" since the chain is gone, but I really do not care about that. My husband was devastated I was removing the chain strap from the luggage Hamilton. The D-rings are still on it because I could not remove those.
  2. Do you have a picture? Don't worry about what people think as long as you like it. I enjoy the chain being there in case I need hands free, but that's just me.
  3. I'd love to see pictures!
  4. Will upload a picture. I liked the look so much I got my husband to take the chain off the black one as well.
  5. I just saw one on eBay for $75 and wondered why and it was because they had removed the chain but it was included in the auction. I agree with poster above, I love the chain detailing and it's not heavy and so nice to have if needed but its your bag and is that's how you like it then that's how it should be! Enjoy :smile:
  6. I tried to upload a picture but it did not work. I will try again later. I just do not like straps hanging off my bags. I do carry crossbody bags, but the handles on the Hamilton are long enough to go over my shoulder. To me the bag looks sleeker and more muted. It is a really beautiful bag either way.
  7. Agreed! The hamilton is a beauty no matter what :tup:

  8. I'd love to see a pic too! I was debating taking the chain off my uptown astor...
  9. I would love to see a picture, I personally do not like the chain so I think I would LOVE it without it. The non removable chain is the big reason I did not purchase the hamilton.
    Neatrivers please try again...
  10. Yeah! We wanna see!!
  11. I get as far as choose file and upload. After I upload the file nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I wish I could take the strap off of my Hamilton because I never use it, but I'm very anal about keeping my things they way they were originally. I'd never be able to do it. That said, I'm very curious to see a photo! I have also never been able to upload a photo on the forum and have absolutely no idea why. Hopefully someone can explain so you can show us!
  13. These are the steps I use to upload a picture:

    1. Post a reply by clicking "Go Advanced" or be on the Reply to Thread page
    2. Click "Manage Attachments" under the additional options - a new window should pop up
    3. Choose a file with the file browser and click upload - the file should show in this pane under a section called Current Attachments. It should also show on the Reply to Thread page above the button Manage Attachments. (Note: an error will appear if the width of the image is larger than 1200px or the file size is greater than 732 kb.)
    4. Click Preview Post - the image should appear with the post.
    5. Submit Reply with your message!

    Hope this helps!
  14. This did help, but my image is evidently too big. I took a picture with my digital camera and saved it on my laptop.
  15. Do you have a photobucket account? You could upload it there and then resize it.