Took my x'mas gift from the tree for some pics!

  1. I can resist the temptation of using my x'mas gift before x'mas but I couldn't help taking it from under the tree and out of the dustbag for some modeling pictures.
    Three more days before x'mas... i can't wait going out for a walk with my vert foncé weekender 2007/3!!!!:hysteric:
    vert foncé weekender.jpg
  2. aww :p Presents under the tree are very tempting, esp. when they are as yummy as your bag! Looks great on ya! congrats! Love your outfit, too.
  3. thank you sweetcakes, and yes, the waiting is a torture, sweet torture. :smile:
  4. I like your thinking, unless under lock and key balenciaga pressies under the tree are at risk!!!!
  5. ha ha absolutely rosyposie, you are absolutely right. :yes:
  6. I like your outfit. I have been thinking about the WE too.:yes: Nice x-mas gift.:tup:
  7. oooh so pretty!!!
  8. That bags looks perfect on you!!! Merry Christmas :heart:
  9. Gorgeous Weekender! It looks great on you! I don't think I could have resisted either:yahoo: You definitely will have a Merry Christmas!
  10. Nanaz,anotheremptysky,hmwe46,chloebagfreak, thank you, merry x'mas to you all. x'mas is definitely sweet when we have a b bag under the x'mas tree. :smile::yahoo:
  11. Wow, gorgeous!
  12. Awww lucky you! I'm planning on getting a WE myself too!

    LOOOOVE that style!
  13. Merry Christmas! Isn't it lovely to have bbags waiting under the tree for xmas day? Congrats - your VF WE is TDF!
  14. ^^ OMG, i :heart: your new WE, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. Your WE is gorgeous and it looks great on you! I can totally sympathize with your situation- my sienna city is currently wrapped up and under our Christmas tree. I haven't resisted temptation as well as you though, I've actually used mine! :sweatdrop: