took my ulberry rosemary out....

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  1. for the first time today since i got it a week ago.
    she is a beauty. not too big, not too small. i can fit my long continental wallet, a small planner, glasses case, little makeup bag, coin/ change wallet, and still have a little more room.
    this is a perfect size for strolling around town.
    the only thing that annoy me a bit is the buckle. to open the bag i have to unbuckle 3 little buckles. even tho they are not real buckles (magnetic closure) it is still pretty annoying.. but hey... i'll live....:biggrin:

    edit: okay... i cant type.... but i guess you guys know i am referring to mulberry :smile:
  2. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your Rosemary. I have one in oak. I've used it quite a bit, and the leather just gets better and better. It has softened up a little, which is nice. Have you sprayed it with Collonil? (spg?) I sprayed mine, and I think it has benefited from it. It hasn't gotten scratched, and I think it helped the leather to soften.
  3. kat.... where did you get the collonil spray? which one did you get? neutral?
    maybe i should ebay it. i dont know any shoe store that might sell it.
    i am a sneakers person.
  4. Mulberry care cards should specify which spray to protect the bag you bought. Eg. My bayswater is in darwin leather and the care card recommends the Collonil Waterstop.

    In London this can be bought in alot of shops, cobblers, Mulberry store and even leather stores.
  5. I guess it is neutral. I didn't know it came in colors.:shame:
  6. i already posted this in other thread, but i really want a quick answer. can i use wilsons leather protectant instead of collonil?
  7. Love the Rosemary - think it is the perfect size!! I love it - you are a lucky lady!:biggrin:
  8. i bought a rosemary last month, but it has a serial number on the back of the little plate inside. I have read that this means it is fake, BUT i got it from a reputable seller and it feels real - really good quality leather that stinks of leather (!), and it came with all the tags and dustbag etc.

    any ideas?

    it also says it was made in england
    (thanks for help in advance, 1st post here!)
  9. I couldn't say for certain whether or not your bag is real or not... it's actually pretty difficult to tell sometimes because there are some very good Mulberry fakes out there! However, i have had 2 Mulberry Rosemary bags, one in Oak and one in Lavender, which i bought from very big London department stores (Selfridges and Liberty) and both did not have a serial number on the back of the gold plate and both had labels saying 'Made in China'. I also have a Mulberry Roxanne in mauve and that had a label saying 'Made in Turkey'. Originally i know Mulberry produced its bags in England (in Somerset) but now having talked to many Mulberry bag owners, the tags generally seem to say 'made in China' or 'made in Turkey'.
  10. I just saw some Mulberry Rosemary bags at Nordstrom and the little plate did not have a serial number on the back. Also, there was a black little label near the opening flap that said "Made In China" . . .
  11. i got mine from Saks.... so they'd better not be selling fakes. but i do have a serial number on the back of the plate. and it also says that it is made in england.
    does it mean Saks is selling fakes?
  12. out of fear that i might have fake mulberry from Saks, i called them. CS said that the "research" people will contact me in 1-2 days.
    aaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh :hysteric:
    anybody wants to ease my pain by telling me if mine is fake or not?
    pretty please......
  13. A few years ago there were no serial numbers but the new production runs have serial numbers again on some bags.
    The tags can say other countries, not just England.

    If your bag has a very rich leathery smell, then that can`t be faked, that smell of their leather is unique.