Took my puppy for his first walk! (w/pics)

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  1. I took my puppy on his first walk! We went to this trail a block away from my house.

    Then when we got home, he needed something cool because it's 83º out!

    And he's out...
  2. he is so cute, that 5th picture is priceless.
  3. What a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing.

  4. THis is the cutest pic!!!
  5. OMG! your doggie is so cute! you should post the 5th photo on
  6. Awww - Baby Pics. What a little cutie.

    Did he LOVE the park?
  7. Omg adorable!
  8. Toooo cute!!!
  9. Awww how adorable!
  10. Words fail me.:love:
  11. what a cutie! My dog likes to lick the outside of drinks like that too.

  12. I think so. He was very explorative.
  13. Soooooooooooooooo Cute!!!!
  14. How fun! He's so tiny!
  15. adorable! He looks just like Bentley when he was a pup!! (see pic below)

    What is his name and how old is he? PRECIOUS!!

    LOL Bentley hated going on walks at first b/c I think his collar hurt his little throat, so we started walking him in a harness and he loved it! :smile: