Took my new MK out for a spin...

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    I missed out on this bag when I saw it at Nordstrom Rack, so when I saw it on eBay I had to have it. It wasn't in the exact condition I expected, but I've accepted it. Love my orange bag! Out to lunch!

    Blackberry photo for now. MK Beverly!
  2. Beautiful! Love a new bag when your headed to lunch!
  3. love this style
  4. Two better photos (from the auction itself) :smile:
    $(KGrHqR,!m!F!!BqYVQgBQCiVjvs3!~~60_57.jpg $(KGrHqZ,!o4F!I(z(SMqBQCiSJgfyg~~60_57.jpg
  5. Much better pictures - she's pretty!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous color!
  8. Oh the color is gorgeous. And I love the gold with it. A perfect match!
  9. That is a beautiful bag. Enjoy! :smile:
  10. Love It!
  11. Thank you all!!!
  12. Beautiful colour! Love it!
  13. nice... congrats...:smile:
  14. Wow! That's one gorgeous handbag!
  15. Gorgeous!!! I love this color!!!