Took my LV to work for the first time

  1. I have a paying job, but I also just starting volunteering at a gift shop at the art gallery on Saturday afternoons. I've never taken my LVs to work before because I didn't want anyone to assume that I'm rich. So today I took my Monogram Speedy 30 to my volunteer work today, and I just met the lady I'd be working with for the first time. The lady there asked me if I had finished high school yet (and I'm 26! :wtf: ), and I told her that I had finished university. She asked me when I graduated and I said last June. (She didn't know that I had worked before going back to finish my degree and she didn't ask if I had a paying job now).

    Anyways, so we were looking at some jewellery and the price of one piece was a hundred and something dollars, ans she was going "Thats too much for me, and thats too much for you too since you are a student". Later on she was asking me if I liked fashion and I told her that I don't have many clothes, and she said, "Ofcourse, because you just finished college and don't have money"! :wtf: I just found it interesting that she just assumed I was poor, and its amusing that the first time I carry a LV to work, is the first time someone assumes I'm poor! lol :p If she thought $100 was too much for me to spend if only she knew how much my bag costs! :whistle: I'm glad she didn't know what LV was though.
  2. :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  3. I don't assume that people that have LV are rich. Credit cards have put everything at immediate access.
  4. :roflmfao:
    was she old? old ladys often dont think about the things they say...
  5. Well perhaps she thought your speedy was a fake and being a 'poor' student, she then assumed that you obviously cannot afford a real LV bag? :shrugs:
    Anyway, she's WRONG! lol just because you're a student doesn't mean anything. Some kids have very wealthy parents who can buy LV for them and there are other students who get massive scholarships to sponsor for their LV purchases.

  6. Actually, yes. lol I think she was in her early 60s.
  7. I agree. As long as you have a credit card, you can have whatever you want. Although youll probably go into
  8. I find it rude that she would keep bringing up the fact that you were "poor". People have no manners nowadays :yucky:
  9. I find it rude for people to judge others financial situations if they've just met. Let alone if you would of worked with her for a while. I just dont understand some people. Assumptions just get on my nerves.
  10. I'm still super paranoid about bringing mono bags to work, I've survived on Damier and Epi so far, but I really want to take my BH:sad: :crybaby:

    But yes, I think that IS extremely rude of her:wtf:
  11. I don't think she's rude. Am I missing something?:confused1:

    So many ppl come out of school in debt. She is probably just open about this. I mean it's normal and nothing to be ashamed of so it wasn't rude of her. She's being "motherly" not condescending.
  12. When I first graduated from college I have always called myself "a broke fresh grad" :sweatdrop:

    Like Cola said, maybe it's just people's overall impression on fresh grads? Unless she didn't sound like she was teasing with you, then maybe she's rude. Although I have to agree that she didn't have to say spending $100 is too much for you because you're a student.
  13. Amen to that sister! Me and my credit cards have an intimate relationship -- one that will probably require a messy divorce ala Britney and KFed. Until then, CHARGE IT!

    As for people assuming you are broke because you look young or because of when you graduated, I celebrate my 31 birthday next month and when I told people at work that I was thinking about doing something special, they wondered why I would "do something special" for my 26 birthday.

    I was flattered but when I told them I was to be 31, they got a bit angry with me b/c it turns out we all are the same age -- lets just say that nature and time are not kind to everyone. Just remember -- as you would moisturize your bags, lotion up those bags under your eyes too! :true:
  14. I find it really funny and amusing that she kept on saying, "Oh of course you can't afford that, you just finished school!!!" :roflmfao:
  15. ITA. And sometimes younger ladies make assumptions about older ladies that are not true!