took my blue reversable sig. stripe tote.......

  1. to the store to send it in for repair. The pocket on the inside was coming unstitched :sad: i have to wait 4-6 weeks for it back..... so sad!!!!!
  2. AWWW....I'm SORRY! The good news is that sounds like it's probably an EASY repair so you may get it back sooner! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. It will be like you are getting a Christmas present! hehe :smile:
    I hope it gets repaired quickly and looks brand new :smile:
  4. the metallic is coming off my bronze sig stripe wristlet
    the metallic is coming off the corner part where, when you open it up, the zipper is touching
    would they repair that?
    i've only had it for about a month and a half
  5. you should bring it back to the store... its only been a month and a half that shouldn't be happening!

    with any store, if you complain you'll get your way :smile: