Took my black monogram shawl out for the first time tonight

  1. It's a chilly night in SF so I decided to wear my shawl for the first time. I used it as a big thick scarf and it was SO warm and cozy, but not too hot! I love the little fringies.


    I look tired in this picture... well, it is almost midnight!

    Of course at the bar the first thing I did was let my beer foam over which nearly spilled on my shawl. UGH. But I somehow avoided that.

    We were at Cafe du Nord watching Patrick Park. It was a fun show, and afterward we went out for some late night sushi.
  2. you look GREAT!!!
    I wish we had chilly night here in los darn hot
  3. It looks GREAT on you!!! :tup:

    This is an AWESOME pic btw! :yes:
  4. Aw, thanks!! *blush*

    I LOVE the black on black monogram, the perfect amount of subtlety.
  5. dang you are so incredibly chic!! Love your look, GF!!
  6. Thank you so much for that pic! I'm planning on buying one but didn't get many response on my questions. I love your pic! That's exactly how I'm planning to wear mine and it looks gorgeous!
  7. That's a great example of how a shawl can be worn as a scarf! :smile: Thanks for the beautiful pic!
  8. Ooh its gorgous!! Just how I thought It would look! Amazing!
  9. Congrats, I have a thing for LV shawls, too.
  10. I have the same shawl, and can't wait to try it out the way you've worn yours. Gorgeous!
  11. Oh wow, that looks really great as a scarf! So awesome!
  12. Oooh, how pretty .... it looks stunning on ya!

    I've always wanted this same gorgeous shawl .... maybe I should just give in and get one now.
  13. I just bought a LV shawl too and I can't wait to try to tie it that way. It looks tres chic!
  14. I love it !
  15. Lovely!