Took my baby out today

  1. As you all might recall, I have a brand new Coco Cabas hiding out in my closet. I've only been able to take it out and show it to friends while my husband is at work.

    Today I finally took it out for the day. I felt like a queen! I didn't have anywhere to go, so we went to TJ Maxx.

    The bag was perfect. It was not heavy nor was it too big. I am 44 years old and 5'3.

    I got home and transferred everything back to my new Coach that my husband bought me and put my Coco back in the closet.

    I figure I would wait a few weeks to let him know about it. I just can't bear to hurt his feelings, esp when he was so proud of himself for buying me the Coach.

    I will send pics soon.

  2. ^ Yay !

    You are so funny ! I remember my exBF was such a miser . He was constantly monitoring my purchases . He figured out the old "leave it in the trunk till he goes to bed " routine pretty quickly . Sharp , he was , but I was sharper !

    I used to pull up right by the door to the "mudroom"( it's a little room before entering into the house ) and my dogs 40 lb bag of doog food was always in this room . Well I had two out there and one was almost empty . He never feed the dogs or did any chores in general . So , when I would come home w/ my new purchases , i'd wrap them in a bag and stash them in the dog food bag . Hehe . Then he'd run out to check my trunk only to find it empty !
  3. :roflmfao: You both crack me up!! Thank goodness my hubby is clueless about bags and never notices what I carry!!
  4. LOL!! Thanks for sharing--that is a funny story!
  5. lol!
  6. Sophie, you're too funny, lol. Wow, the things we girls go through, hahaha.
  7. LOL! You know we've got problems when we have to hide our shopping habits from our hubbies and BF's. That's when I realized I had a problem, it started with the trunk thing and then came the closet where I have some purchases that I have never even been able to use because I don't want my fiance to know that I bought another purse.
  8. OMG...sounds like me.:supacool:
  9. I can so relate to all this LOL! DH notices all my bags unfortunately - when he asks me it's "Oh this? I had in the closet but haven't used it yet." I have to sneak in the house too - I usually wait till he goes golfing or night school to bring in my new babies...DH just doesn't understand...
  10. That's too funny. Someone started a thread askin' if anyone's ever lied and said that their authentic purse was a fake. I don't wanna encourage dishonesty in your relationship, but what if you told your hubby that the Chanel is fake? D'ya think that'll put him a little more at ease?
  11. I wish I can become private detective and take picture of you from hidden camera. LOL....
    It was a cute story.