Took my Alexa in for repair and came out with a little something!! Reveal

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  1. I had to take my Alexa in for repairs.. one of the screws that hold the buckle on the front has come loose and is broken. I live in Dubai, UAE so popped it into the store in The Dubai Mall (had already emailed photos to the sales assistant and they had confirmed it will be shipped to the uk to be fixed) ... wasn’t looking to buy anything... but they had a sale on!! Ranging from 25%-60%!!! So I couldn’t leave there empty handed ...I have always wanted a gold wallet and they had one 60% off.. last piece..was meant for me the description is -Darley wallet metallic goat and it was AED 625!!!
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  2. wow! 60% is god-send!
    i love their gold leathers!
  3. Very nice!