Took my 80 Y/O Mom to Coach Outlet


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Oct 4, 2006
I thought I would give you gals a kick. Yesterday I took my mom, age 80 - early Alzheimers) to the Coach Outlet with me. It gets her out of the house for a bit and also gets her away from my trio of Labs. We walked out of the store and she commented how she loved the lighting in the store and also loved the way it was organized. She thought everything was too much $$$ though. She looked at a pr of cashmere gloves and put them back.

She liked the Spring outlet dot bags in beige. Maybe if they go down to half price like the patchwork bags did, I will buy one for her (Probably Memorial Day or so).

So what bag does my mom carry? I gave her a Coach Satchel a while ago. It was used, from ebay. A really nice bag. A Bonnie's Satchel.

Mom carries a carpy fanny pack. Carries it by the strap, like a handbag. Ugghhh. But... she's my mom....
Awwww, how cute! My mom is always worrying about the price! Even when my dad and I tell her to ignore it and just buy what she wants or likes! lol! But hat was so cute, you should so get her a bag!
My mom wears this black leather bag for work, it is not designer. But to go out she uses her Coach, or my Speedy.
She sounds so cute! LOL! My mother in law never uses the gifts I give her. Robes, perfume, shoes, a juicer. I gave her a beautiful Eric Javitz handbag and TSE cashmere sweater a few months back. I swear she's burying things in her back yard because I NEVER see them again! LOL!

I love her though. She cracks me up.
noshoepolish, I just posted a story about my aunt (almost 80) that I took to the outlet.LOL... They do and say some funny things indeed. We love them just the same.
My mom thinks everything there is too expensive too. But she seemed to enjoy herself the last time we went.

My mil was given a fake Coach by her neighbor who told her they knew a "Coach higher up". She thought it was real and showed it to my husband who said "I don't think thats real, but ask HH to be sure" So I broke the news to her, but the next day me and hubby got her a coach hamptons from dillards and she was excited about it.
My Grandma does the same thing with the fanny pack, carries just like a handbag. She'll even wear it around her waist sometimes as well. It makes me cringe a little.. lol but I love her to death! She knows how much my bags cost and even as "frugal" as she is, she's so cool and supportive of my habit.
That is so sweet of your to take your mom shopping! My mom thinks Coach is really expensive too. I have tried to sway her into buying the expensive designer bags, but she won't budge.
My mom is a little younger (68), but she carries canvas tote bags... in addition to a purse. I have tried to convince her numerous times to just carry a larger handbag, but to no avail.

For the holidays I bought her a D&B tote, figuring I couldn't change her so she should at least be carrying a NICER tote bag at her age! But she wouldn't accept it - she said it was too small (it wasn't), too expensive, too "showy" (:confused1: a D&B tote?? It wasn't even logo fabric! :shrugs: ).

And I cannot even shop Coach with her. She just can't BELIEVE the price tags and wonders out loud why anyone would buy such an expensive bag! Crazy, but you gotta love your mom!
my mom was curious about all my coach bags and she eventually fell in love with it too!

at first she thought they were too expensive, but then when she bought her first coach she got so many compliments! from then on she was hooked, and now she's my coach buddy!
Awww! How sweet! My 71 yo mom likes to find Coach bags at Goodwill but I warn her that they may not be authentic so don't spend too much on them! I sent her a moon charm recently and she loved it! We plan on hitting the outlets in Tenn. late summer! Should be fun! Hope you can get your mom the bag she liked! If she'll pose for you, you should post pics of her and her new bag! That'd be so cute!
ladies,,love the stories about shopping with your mothers........enjoy the time you have as i lost my mom last february...... and i miss her so much
we spent alot of shopping time together and she appreciated good quality bags.and raised me the same way
so enjoy and spend every moment you can with her
My mom & I aren't close. Her choice. She's always been like a wall...

Anyway, glad to hear my mom isn't the only bum pack holder (that's the new word for them, I believe).

My mom hoards stuff too. I got her 6 of these terrible bras (u know 0 the ones in the Sunday magazines). She said she never owned 6 bras at one time in her life.

My dad died last March - he was strong as an ox and things were supposed to happen the other way around. Mom first. My goal is to keep her out of nursing home...