Took Miss Blue Jean to the spa!

  1. I took my BJ Birkin 30 to Claude on July 5th to be pampered at the spa. :yahoo:
    Claude said it would be 6-8 weeks because it's taking longer now. Now call me crazy, but he seemed quite put off. Now, i was telling him some things that need fixed, but he just waved his hand at me and kept saying "I will get it." in a stern tone. (Maybe i should have just handed it over?)
    Please tell me that he's just like that. I don't want to be the misfit. haha.
    DH says "Why would you expect him to be nice?"

    When she comes back to me in 6-8 weeks, i'll post some before and after pics.
    Too bad she won't be with me for vacation, but Ms. Potiron will keep awesome company! :heart:
  2. I can only speak for Manuela here on the West coast. She is very patient and attentive when I ramble on about what I think is wrong. And she herself asks me if there is any particular area of concern for me. It's always pleasant and very polite from her to me. My first time meeting her I was beyond nervous and babbling away quite alarmingly - but she took it in stride and put her arm on me and said "don't worry". That was also the time she turned away a Birkin because it simply "did not need anything, it is still pristine". But she did this with grace and I didn't feel uncomfy at all but grateful that she didn't just grab everything but only works on what is truly needed. Anyway, I'm sure your bag will look amazing when it returns!
  3. Maybe he is just old school - he's been doing this for a while and knows what needs to be done, KWIM? Don't take it personally! I am sure your baby is in the best of hands!:tup: