Took lots and lots of willpower today...

  1. Well it started out today great going to local LV store to purchase a wallet for xmas for DH and then it happened... as I walked up to the store staring at me was the beautiful Speedy Mirage in Bordeaux sitting in the window on a pile of gorgeous luggage:drool: I had been on a wait list then took my name off bcuz I really needed to put the money I saved for my mom's (who is lucky her initials are LV) upcoming 60th bday present aTulum GM. I even had on patent shoes that matched it perfectly:nuts: so I held it looked it over then the devil:devil: on one shoulder said get it get and then the angel:angel: on the other shoulder said but what about mom and all she has done & sacrificed for you. So did get DH a wallet from the Taiga line and left beautiful bordeaux Mirage speedy for someone else :crybaby:it was difficult but I know it was the right thing to do and my 40th bday is next April so maybe something as beautiful will show up then even though I am a bit depressed now:girlsigh:
  2. AWW{{{HUGS}}} you did the right thing maybe you could drop lots of hits or stick pics of the beloved speedy with name and model number to the fridge surely DH can't miss a clue that big LOL
  3. You did the right thing--even though it was tough. Like Label said--drop TONS of hints--holidays are right around the corner!
  4. aww! you did the right thing though!
  5. I'm so proud of you. We all are, I'm sure! Even the feeling of holding your own LV in your hands cannot compare to the smile you will put on your mother's face. I'm sure there were plenty of times when she sacrificed things she liked for you and your, I hope you eventually get the Mirage--YOU DESERVE IT!
  6. Aw congrats on staying strong - I can feel your pain but you'll feel much more joy when you see the smile on your moms face when she receives her gift!
  7. That's sweet of you to think of your husband and mom first! Who knows...maybe you'll get something on your bday. :smile:
  8. Good for you, hon. No bag, no matter how lovely is more precious than dear old mom! You've racked up some great karma today...
  9. You did the right thing!! I've been there and done do feel good deep down in when you know you need to pass on it!
  10. Your turn will come! I am sure of it.
  11. You're a wonderful gf and daughter! By buying things for others rather than yourself you put a heap of excellent karma out there that'll come back to you tenfold!
  12. I have to say I could not have done it! It is just toooo pretty! I just paid the cc bill for mine ;)
  13. That did take lots of willpower and :tup: to you! You're a great daughter and wife and to think of others first ... just makes you a great person. I'm sure you will get rewarded for that. Just let me e-mail your dh and I'll point him to the right direction come christmas time ... lol!
  14. :heart::heart:Your heart is more beautiful than the bag!
  15. You've got some will power! You did the right thing and another LV that you will love will come along next year, maybe in time for your 40th.