Took charm off Pom fob and converted to

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  1. So I bought the fuzzy shade fob- pale pink Pom with sunglasses and I didn't want the glasses on it so removed them. I didn't want them to go to waste so I put a small jump ring on it and converted to its own charm for stuff. I was going to sell it, but now looking at how cute it can be I may not! Lol

    Kinda cute as wallet charm

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  2. So cute ️ love it. I'm going to do the same if I get this Pom.
  3. It's very cute next to the pink wallet.
  4. This is so cute!! It reminds me of cotton candy with the cornflower blue wallet
  5. So cute!
  6. Thanks! I got the pale pink pom to put on my LV with pink interior. The other shades of pink I found from MK didn't work (that didn't have the charm) and I saw this on clearance at the boutique and knew it would work. I like this clip more than the dog leash clasp of the others that don't do well on any of my MK bags because it comes out awkwardly. I wish they would convert them all to this clasp
  7. That's such a great idea!!!!
  8. Oh I love the contrast with the pink and blue. Brilliant idea and so cute!