Took ALL The Advice & Got The 30!

  1. Took my daughter to South Coast Plaza today with the intention of stopping by LV and picking out a Speedy - I thought it was going to be a difficult decision - picking the right size and I stewed over it all the way down this morning. A week ago I asked for all your advice and of course, you all were right - it was the 30 all the way! Once I was up to the counter, I didn't even consider the 25. Once I got home I emptied my purse into it and it is so full that there is very little sag! I thought 25 was cute, and looked good on my 9 year old. However, not that I am in any way large, but the 25 looked like a toy bag on me. The 30 is perfect! Thanks for advice!
  2. congrats cdpug!!!
  3. Congrats!!!! I have a 30 too and love it! I bought a Damier Speedy 25 later but sold it since it was too small for my needs. I think the 30 looks great on you!!!
  4. great choice ... congrats! now you have a timeless classic bag!
  5. Great choice, you will love it. Congrats!
  6. Great choice!!! Congrats, it looks perfect on you!
  7. Very nice bag !!!
    I hope to get one too.
  8. That's what I want. I was one of those who purchased purse after purse trying get the right one. I think that this will put an end to it - at least for a while. I plan to wear this one out - but from what I know about these bags it will take me years!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. congrats!
    totally understand.
    speedy 25 really looks weird on most ppl...
    i mean if you put the 25 next to a 30 there seems to be no great difference...
    but when one holds it and poses with it... waaaaaaaaay different.

    if i had a daughter, i would buy her a 25. wouldn't it look cute if mommy and daughter had the same purse, and she would just look like a mini-me? XD
  12. Congrats! Great choice and really look great on you.:tup:
  13. The mono speedy is one of my favorite bags of all time!! :smile: Congrats!!!
  14. It looks great on you!!!!
  15. Looks great! congrats