Took a trip to Macy's today!!

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  1. My friend is graduating college and got a $50.00 gift card to a nearby mall, so she asked if I would like to come along with her. I had to BEG her to go into Macy's to look at the Coach stuff. She hates how obsessed I am with handbags and really doesn't like me going anywhere near them, but I played the whole "I shopped with you all day and I just want to go in ONE store" thing and she finally gave in.

    Sooo off we went into Macy's and over to the Coach counter. They didn't have much at all. No accessories whatsoever (I was hoping to see the Tortoise Keyfob that I want so much)...but they did have a whole Chocolate Cotton Carly display. They're BEAUTIFUL!!! I've seen them online and they were cute but man, they're beautiful in person. Anybody who is thinking about one, totally go for it. They're, I can't even explain. I was tempted to get the top handle pouch but I knew my friend would kick me upside the head if I did.

    I was also hoping for there to be some Ergo's but of course, nothing. There wasn't even anybody at the counter to unlock the display cases for me. They had a lot of Soho stuff and a few sig stripe totes. There was a Whiskey Ali on display but I really didn't like the way it's just too big for me.

    Why couldn't they have the Ergo and Keyfob I wanted!!! UGH, MACY'S SUCKS!!!

    ....Then again, I guess it's a good thing. I have no money to buy anymore stuff. Just letting you girls know that if you're looking for the Cotton Carly, they have them over at the Concord Mall in Brandywine, DE. Sooo adorable!!!
  2. I just got the CHocolate Large Carly and I have people literally stopping me to look at it! Beautiful (but heavy)!:shrugs: