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  1. How does one order this bag if I live in the boonies and don't have access to a boutique or Coach outlet?
  2. Call JAX - their number is at the top right hand side of the site & tell them the model number (I'm sure it's somewhere in the beginning of this thread).

    I'm with you there! Two hours to the nearest boutique....
  3. ellacoach darling,

    Can you pretty please model that bag? In both versions too? I think I am digging it also. The Anna C bag seems a bit large for me, so perhaps that style from coach would work. I have the coupon, think I would be able to use it?
  4. ellacoach, I also would be SO grateful if you modeled it. I am thinking of this one, but am curious to know how it looks. Can you wear it cross-body?
  5. hmm, not feeling this one -kudos to Coach for trying this style...

    modeling pics might help, but for the price, i think it should be a bit bigger and the strap just doesnt seem right -
  6. It's something different, but for the price.... hmmmm....maybe not :confused1:
  7. ellacoach, are you still loving your convertible tote? They don't look so good when it's just laying on the floor :sad: I would love to see modeling pics 'cause I'm thinking of ordering one for myself in white :yes:

    Thanks in advance!!
  8. I just received the Coach catalog today in the mail. I tried to look it up online through the Coach website and it wasnt there. I contacted Customer Service and they said it will not be in stores available until June!! She did say I could order it through them but... I received a Coach Coupon in the mail and I can only use it in a Coach store. She did say I can go into the store and order it!! She said the bag was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! CANT WAIT TO GET IT :yahoo:
  9. Love that tattersall!