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  1. I really like the color of this bag and the bag also but if you dont just love it
    get something you will love! Sarah do you at least like the color? there are many other ergos coming out in that color in this next month!I am so sorry you dont love your bag!
  2. I just called my boutique to get tracking info on mine. It will be delivered to the boutique today. I'll let you all know my thoughts when I get it.

    If I don't love it, I'll be dissapointed, but it will be okay, becausing lately I've been obsessing over the LV Damier Speedy. So I'll just use the funds from this bag for the LV!!
  3. Please let us know about the bag and the color what your thoughts are!
  4. interesting, i love the color though
  5. I actually registered with this site just to see your photos of the purse. Thank you SO much for doing that for a bunch of strangers on the internet.

    That photo in Domino was a bit decieving, I agree. Now I can feel confident in purchasing a different bag without waiting for June (or whenever this one was going to be available at the stores).

    That lining is putred.
  6. It's probably not a practical style for me, but I do think it's a lovely bag. And the color is beautiful IMO! Thanks so much for posting pics :tup:
  7. Eeek, I really don't care for it. I definitely think it's too plain and don't like the skinny strap. Definitely take it back and get something you LOVE.
  8. I never got a call from my boutique yesterday saying my bag had been delivered, so...I just called and they said something about it looked like Fedex hadn't picked it up?? So it should be delivered on Monday. :cursing:. Arggh! I want to see this bag to know if I like it. So I should hopefully be able to post my reviews on Monday..,
  9. I got my bag today and I actually love it! I was really a little nervous going into the boutique (I actually went over w/o them calling to tell me it had been delivered), and when I walked in the mgr and 3 of the SA's had it out and were drooling over it. I said "is that my bag?" and I knew right away that I loved it. I put my stuff in it just to make sure! The one thing that I miss with this bag though is that it doesn't have the cell phone pockets inside, but I can live without it. It is plain, but it is also nothing like I've ever seen before, it's very unique! I will never use it as a clutch though…it just looks weird folded over like that. But for me it's a keeper!!
  10. I am so happy you like your handbag from sarahs pics I do to. I am still waiting on the my pleated satchel they said this week sometime so maybe I will get her next week I hope so! enjoy your handbag and hows the color? thats the color I ordered in the pleated satchel post pic when you can!
  11. where are the pics?!?! i can't wait to see it! glad you love it...
  12. I love the color! It's the natural just like the '06 legacy natural. It's really pretty.

    I'm at work right now so I'll post pics tonight~
  13. I'm glad you liked it. The color was the best part of the bag for me. :P
  14. Sorry, I forgot to post pics the other night...:shame: I really love this bag and have gotten quite a few compliments on it! I'm hoping I don't fall in love with the ergo pleated framed satchel when I see that IRL!!!

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  15. This one isn't on my favorites or wish list.
    But, she is "different" ;)