Took A Risk

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  1. It was delivered to my local boutique at 10:37 :nuts:

    I'm never home during the day so I had it sent there. I'm in the library studying for my two midterms and will go pick the bag up after my last class -- 3:30. So look for pictures around 5ish? GAH I wish I could skip class to go get them. Silly tests.
  2. Skip class and go get your bag!!! :woohoo: Okay, just kidding...I can't wait to see your pics this evening!

    I had my bag delivered to my boutique as well!
  3. I'm at dinner with a friend now. I'm really disappointed with the bag. I think ill take it back. When I get home I'll post pics for you guys.
  4. Here are the pictures of the bag... round one.

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  5. and a few more. The only reason I brought the bag home was to show it to you ladies. I'm so disappointed in it.

    I took two images to show it in size comparison to a bag most people know, the 07 Legacy Shoulder Bag.


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  6. Hello sarahb0485, I received mine today and I'm dissapointed as well. I ordered it in black and while I think its a cute bag, its not worth the price. It's not as large as I had hoped it to be for a tote.
  7. What is it that you don't like about it? I'm surprised it has tattersall lining...I thought for sure it would be legacy lining.

    I like it, but I suppose, seeing it IRL vs pics is different. I don't really like it folded over though... I should have mine this weekend, I hope I like it! Especially since I exchanged my Ali for it...
  8. It definitely is not a clutch. lol. It's way to big and awkward to be carried that way. I'm not into the long skinny shoulder strap on it. I really like the hand handle but it's a little bit absurd to carry your bag like that all time.

    It's VERY VERY plain. And I'm not sure if it's worth the price. I don't mind spending money on Coach bags. I have purchased some of the higher end bags from there $798, and have had no regrets.

    I'm a bag person and I don't own a bag that I don't love. My expectations were a little bit too high I guess.
  9. I think Anna Corinna does this style of bag the best. I had high hopes for this one and was anxiously following the posts, but I'll stick the original. I DO love this style, but the AC black with the outer zipper pockets is so much nicer. Thanks for the pictures!
  10. That stinks that you don't like it, but you certainly can't keep a bag you don't like. I thought it would be bigger as well, but that picture you posted with the legacy shoulder bag is really telling. I think I prefer bags that are longer horizontally instead of vertically. It is an interesting bag though!
  11. I'm not feeling the skinny strap either, but I'm a satchel girl anyway, so I have a feeling if I like this I'll end up carrying it by hand most of the time..

    I do agree it's pretty plain, I don't really have anything this plain in my collection (I own Miranda, Lily, Mandy, '06 satchel), but this might be a nice change for me. And as plain as it is, it's quite different from any bag I've seen, if that makes sense.

    I'm sorry you don't like it! Definately return it, and maybe put your money towards something else that you love!!
  12. ella, I'm interested to see if you like yours when it comes. After seeing your list of bags it seems we have similar taste.

    Keep me posted.
  13. Take another look at her tomorrow and put your accessories inside. If she still doesn't do anything for you, run, don't walk to your nearest boutique to return her.

    Kudos to you for taking the risk!
  14. I don't like the color at all, but I am intrigued by the versatility of the bag. I do admit, however, that I prefer the more structured looking bags - but I might have to give this one a whirl just because it's interesting. Any idea if other colors will be available this summer?
  15. can we see modeling pictures?