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  1. That's exactly what my SA told me that it was a legacy exclusive and get it now. I'm going in at lunch to order it!
  2. Great cant wait to see yours ellacoach also ! What color are you getting?
    I think I want the walnut color also! If you go to the store report back to us what you find out !
  3. I got an email today with my fedex tracking number. It left JAX yesterday, so I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow!
  4. I can't wait to see pictures!! and modeling pictures too!!! It looks like a hot bag!
  5. I did order it today and I ordered the natural color, which in the book looked to be the same color as in Sarah's magazine. She didn't mention a Walnut color? :shrugs:
  6. That is what my Sa told me also it was the color that all the the ergos were in on the page my Sa said they only came in black,white natural and burnt orange from the bottom of the pages color chart and when she looked it up in the computer. I cant wait to see yours and sarahs. I should of just ordered it but i was so confused I like the pleated framed satchel also and I dont know if i need both! This bag is more versitale and the satchels drop is only 5 1/2 inches. and I have started liking bags more that i can put on my shoulders for my lifestyle.
    I will just wait to see the pics you guys post but by the pic in the store and magazine it looks great! plus this will be more of a exculsive handbag. Sarah said she ordered walnut thats sounds great also but the Sa in my store said that it only came in those 4 colors? confusing:confused1:

    Great choice in color! ella coach are you still wanting the pleated framed satchel also? One more thing do you think it has legacy lining or tattersail? I guess we will find out tommorow from sarahb 0485 I cant wait!
  7. It may have been natural. The SA didn't really seem to know that much. She didn't believe me that the bag was even Coach. :/
  8. I'm not 100% sure, but my guess would be that it has the legacy lining. I think since I've ordered this bag that I'm going to pass on the pleated framed satchel...sounds like you and Maja are having a heck of a time receiving yours! But I can't wait to see pics!!
  9. You're telling me! It's like we're getting the runaround about it. I'm just curious as to why this bag is available now but is not supposed to be until June and the satchel is supposed to be May and they can't even tell us when it's arriving! That kind of makes me mad. I don't really like the convertable one, I would have no reason to use it as a clutch, so I guess I am still going to sit and wait for my satchel to arrive!
  10. I just looked at the tracking info... they sent the bag to TN. WTF? I live in Florida. Silly fedex. Why not a more direct route?
  11. FedEx makes no sense some times...I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. I live in Southern Maine, I ordered something from LL (LL Bean also being in Maine, only about a 40 drive away from me, I only ordered online as it was free shipping) and it went to Connecticut before being delivered to me! So strange!
  12. If it's being sent via air, it probably has to go to their hub in Memphis first.

    If it was ground, I have no idea why they'd do that lol.

    Hope you get it soon :tup:
  13. i cant wait to see this sounds awesome! too bad my millie put me over budget for bags this spring!

    BTW- why doesnt this show up in drilldown if they are selling it?
  14. I also fell madly for this pic in the recent Domino, but decided to go with the Foley and Corinna below which is very similar but a little larger for my toting of all things. It does lack that cute kiss lock though! I can't wait to see your pics! I also just saw the full size Coach Ergo Convertible in Elle of the cream and python version. It's a beautiful bag. Enjoy it!


    Here is the Foley and Corinna:
  15. I was hoping you would of already got your handbag sarah I hope you get it today! I will keep checking back today to see if you got this wonderful handbag with all kinds of pic please!