Took A Risk

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  1. very cute. can't wait to see pics
  2. Way to be brave!!! At least you can always return it if it's not for you! Can't wait to see pics, looks interesting, love the kisslock on the front and the color is amazing!
  3. It looks cute! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. If you look halfway down you can attach the shoulder strap there and let it fold over. This gives the bag 4 looks, I think I saw this posted somewhere on here.
  5. Love it! I'm curious how big it is...can't wait to see your pics! Did you order the color shown in the magazine?
  6. I'm curious to know what other colors it came in? I love it!
  7. looks different.. can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  8. I love it, and am so excited to see pics. I also subscribed to Domino (I don't subscribe to magazines) based on your post. Congrats on your new bag - it looks gorgeous!
  9. Ooooh I will be waiting for your bag with interest!
  10. Also the sunglasses in the picture are Coach. :tup:

    3-5 days feels like forever. Luckily I live in Florida so hopefully it will come quickly!
  11. That's exactly what I thought.

  12. I don't remember if it was a Foley + Corrina, but saw almost the same bag in Nordie's last weekend. It came in beautiful colors, but was really flimsy leather and one of them was even cut on the top. I pointed it out to the SA and she immediately removed it from the floor. Hopefully, your Coach will be made much better and can't wait to see the pics!
  13. Sarah, sorry to hijack your thread! I just called the number on The woman I spoke with was lovely!! and gave me as much info as she could. It comes in black, bone, natural and white. She listed a couple other colors that were sold out already, I only caught one which was mahogany. She couldn't give me any measurements because she said that once colors start to sell out they remove the product from their site? But she said I could call a different CS number at 11:00 and they'd be able to tell me the measurements!

    If the measurements are big enough for my liking, I'm running to my store tomorrow and taking back my whiskey Ali and ordering this!!

    I'll post measurements after I call in a few hours...
  14. omg I can't wait to see this bag. I have been debating it ever since I saw it in the look book. your pictures might make me go order it too.
  15. It's a fold over/ I have an Anna Corinna bag like this. I love the versatility of it. You carry it buy hand when you want to or you use the shoulder strap and the bag folds in half while using it that way. Clear as mud?? lol