Took a quick trip to Coach today...pleated ergo info/and need advice

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  1. First I gave my SA a piece of my mind about her not calling me for PCE. She played all innocent - "oh we get a list from the home office, and then I cross-reference it with my list. Didnt I call you?" Please! Anyway, I wanted to see the color buckskin in person to see how that Soho satchel I ordered will look. Hmm, not sure I'm gonna love it. I was hoping it was more like the natural color, but its lighter. Not as light as sand, but still lighter.

    Also got a little info on the pleated ergo satchels. My SA wants to order one for herself for her bday on April 5, and they told her that she cant even order them until April 6. So not sure how some people here were able to get on a backorder list, but thats what she said. So I will probably use my credit and order one on April 6, and see what I think of it in person.

    I am also thinking of returning my still unused pond ergo tote. If I keep the buckskin, I really dont need another light colored bag, and plus I'll have the pleated ergo (probably in black though). I dont know - do you think the pond is worth keeping as well? Im just trying to not have too many bags again.
  2. Hmmmm... I actually didn't get a PCE or a call from my SA either, but I used my BF's. Sorry you didn't get a call after they promised to.

    About the pleated Ergo, I meant to order one for PCE and forgot. Some of the people who ordered them stated the ship date was Wed. so we will see if they get them this week. I personally can't wait to see IRL pics. I wanted the patent in Pink, but awhile back someone posted that the leather was Tatt lining and the Patent was Leg lining.

    We will see!
  3. I think if you REALLY loved the pond you would have used it by now, I know you were waiting for spring, but if I recall correctly your SA talked you into it when you went in to look at them, forgive me if I am wrong on that one. As for the light buckskin color, I had a feeling it would be pretty light, but it is a pretty bag and different from anything you have. You have a lot of tote type bags, so maybe this or the pleated ergo will be a good alternative for you to give you some variety so you don't feel like you have too many bags, or too many of the same style. That is my take on it. Congrats on giving your SA a piece of your mind!
  4. Mokey you are correct on so many levels!!! My SA did kinda talk me into the pond bag, and I do love the color, but lately I'm just "eh" about the ergo totes in general. I event thought about selling my black one, but really I have to keep it because it is such a basic staple bag. And the main reason for getting the satchel (and not being thrilled w/the pond) is that I have a lot of totes!!! I love structured bags, and need to get that back into my collection. I'll have to just wait and see about the color, though. You are right on the money!
  5. I personally love the ergo pond tote--I think it's more the pond color that I love because I also love the Madeline patent pond tote. But I also agree with Monkey, if you really love the ergo then you would have already used it and wouldn't even be considering returning it.
  6. I would suggest that you buy the other bag that you're contemplating BEFORE you give up your Patent Pond Tote. You'll have them both in hand to compare, then you can return the one that doesn't make the cut. Otherwise you'll kick yourself if you give up one bag, then you don't like the new one that you exchanged for.
  7. OOOOO that's a bummer about not getting a PCE and thanks for the info on the pleated ergo! My bday is April 6th and I :heart: ergos... so we'll see :graucho:!
  8. Wow TygerKitty, your birthday is coming right up, mine is May 1st and I already have hinted to DH what I want! I am so bad. :shame:
  9. ^ I love the Ergo, but wasn't a fan of the patent or pebbled leather this year. I don't quite know what it is, but it didn't "woo" me like the leather ones from last year.

    BUT - I did see this just tonight on ebay: the Pleated ergo Tote with Tattersall lining! Now that is :drool: IMO! I can only imagine what the Satchel would look like!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm already imagining this with the Heritage Tattersall Zip-Around wallet!
    Plus - did you see the pics of the Denim Framed Hobo? That's on my list now too!

  10. I absolutely agree with this! You don't want to be in the position of having to go try to repurchase again if you don't like this..and possibly not being able to get it back either. You can then later return the one you don't want.
  11. She wasn't lying about getting a list from Corporate. That list is pretty lengthy, so she might not have remembered to pick your name from the list or might have gotten too busy. I know I accidentally neglected a couple of my customers with missed calls, but did help them when they came in the store!