Took a little trip to NYC....

  1. Add me to the list of people that had a great experience at the Legacy boutique!!!:tup: My mother & I went shopping & I HAD to go! They were super friendly, from the moment we walked in the door! I was wearing my legacy stripe swingpack & my Mackenzie snowboots, which the SAs immediately commented on. They proceeded then to show me all the limited edition stuff & the _ of_pieces that are made solely for the shop. Of course we got the Fiji H20 & the bakery coupons (our next stop) & I was totally lusting over the SAs sweaters, of all things!!:p It was a great experience!

    We also visited the on 57th & Madison (?) & the one at Rockefeller Center. The SAs were sooo nice there, too. I was inquiring about a pair of Jilly flats that are on sale at the Coach I regularly go to & the SAs at Rockefeller insisted ( & I do mean insisted) on calling around & finding them for me (44th & Broadway had them). Unfortunately they weren't on sale there. :tdown:But I did get to see the new Scribble in the red book (the colors look great!) & had a great trip! Didn't buy any Coach stuff, but had a fabulous time looking!!!

    Just thought I'd share b/c if anyone would understand why I'd feel the need to visit all the stores, you all would! ;)
  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in NY. Good for you.
  3. What kind of colors did the Scribble have?

    Glad you had a good time!!
  4. Wow...I would be in heaven if I could go to NYC and visit those stores.
    I am glad you had a good time!!!!!
  5. Jennifer~
    I heard that COACH makes BLUE JEANS just for their employees for uniforms. Did you notice that???
  6. i hope to shop in NYC...i'm planning to go spring break or during summer!!
  7. I WISH!!!!

    even the blue jeans on the mannequins were made by another company... but no SAs must wear black and black and grey and white an more black!

  8. aww good for you!! that's such a great feeling, isn't it? shopping at coach in nyc sounds lovely, im glad it was so fun :smile:

    this week is free transit week so im hoping to get to the city this saturday to visit the coach stores & a few stores that carry balenciaga to see what they look like in real life & if i actually like them in real life, haha! (bc i already know how gorgeous coach stuff is, so getting to peruse the stores is just extra fun ;) ) i guess i should let my bf know that THAT'S the real reason i want to take advantage of the free transit and not to just 'walk around & get dinner' - LOL! :smile:
  9. OK-the Scribble that they showed me looked just like the regular Scribble only the colors were brighter-almost neon (or thats how the looked in the book). They had the sneakers (I was looking at the shoes, btw) & like, a platform type sandal. Those were the ones that really caught my eye. I didn't see any bags, but I didn't see anything like the link that was posted earlier wondering.
  10. The SAs were wearing jeans, black cardigans with silver turnlocks & leather trim :drool: & the shoes (can't think of the names) suede flats that come in a bunch of different colors with a turnlock. I remember thinking that with a uniform like that, surrounded by all the beautiful bags & accessories, I'd happily head back into retail!;)
  11. :tup:Thanks for verifying the jeans. I was told that COACH has the jeans specifically made for their employees (to be worn as uniform). Lucky SAs!!!:nuts:

  12. I wish I'd known to ask if the jeans were specifically made for them. They were cute, though. Dark wash, slim leg; everyone looked very fashionable! Guess that was the idea, huh?:p

    But I'm sure its a fun job, more fun than my corporate where I have no access to the PF all day!:lol:
  13. Makes ya want to get a job just to get the