Took a little break from exams ... *wink*


cruisin’ thru life :)
Mar 4, 2006
Had 3 looong exams today (surgery, radiology and medical jurisprudence), which lasted from 8 am to 4 pm, then went home with bf to rest. Well, I got bored after a while and decided to convince bf into dropping by the shopping area where LV is at after eating dinner.:smile: We got to the LV store around 30 minutes before closing time and I actually just wanted to check on the new stock of panda cles that I had inquired about through phone yesterday as I am looking to get one. (They had one on display last weekend and I really liked it but i didn't realize that the panda was hard to come by then until I asked around here hehe). To my surprise, the display piece was gone (which got me worried) and when I had asked about whether they still have some panda cles hidden on stock, my SA then checked on her computer and said "yes, let me get one for you". *sigh of relief*

She then went over several drawers in the front to no avail and then excused herself to go to the back room, but returned back still empty handed with a sort of puzzled look on her face... she then finally said she couldn't find them! (bf was holding my hand at this time, as he thinks i am about to cry.. haha. he also started whispering something like, "maybe you'll like something else to hang on your bags") She then apologized for the wait and excused herself as she will ask the other SA's if someone had reserved them. She mentioned having 3 pieces (including the display) of those arrive just lately which was a surprise as they are LE. This kind of made me start to accept that they're probably reserved and are not available anymore until finally another SA emerged from the back with a perfect little box with panda in tow. You could guess what happened after that.. I just couldn't let it go anymore. hehehe! I bought the elusive but so adorable panda cles.:yahoo:

But i'm keeping him pristine for a while as bf said that I will have to wait for christmas to use him. Which is perfect anyhow since I am looking to have a new bag to wear with it for the first few times.:yes:


Aside from the panda, i also got some quirky stocking stuffers from powerbooks. :yes:


Here he is, my newest pet! Mr. Superfat Monogram. hahahaha.


Additional: My stocking stuffers from powerbooks: Granta Diary 2007, Classic Crime Theme and Penny Dreadful set of 4 coasters in a Tin Can (for my room).
thanks gals! I am definitely joining that panda club! this might be the only time I may have something a little bit special in a while you know. hahaha!
Cute and good luck with exams!
Ah, med school, I remember those days well. You brought back such memories....hang in there, it is tough, but it's worth it in the end.:flowers:
wow. I love Penny Dreadful, not sure who she is, but I'd like to be her, and wouldn't mind having the coasters either... great Panda btw....