Took a drive out the the local shelter today...

  1. To continue from this thread:

    We're back from our vacation, and my mother & I talked over adopting the gray cat.... (never thought I'd miss a cat!)...She was amenable to the idea of having Gray Cat stay at her we took a drive out to our Local Shelter and looked at their adoptable kitties....(and man! so many cute kittens!) a bunch were sleeping/hiding.... and as far as we could tell, Gray Cat was not in the bunch.

    So we inquired at the front desk.... and the woman did a search on her computer.... and couldn't seem to find a record of the cat we brought in just last week.


    So she took both our names & cell numbers & said she'd have to look thru her hard copies of the intake forms and would call us back....

    So I've got my fingers crossed.... :sweatdrop:
  2. I hope they find her, good luck.
  3. I noticed on the other thread a few had mentioned it should be a no-kill shelter. Was that confirmed? I couldn't seem to find info about that on their website. I did notice a list of the adoptable cats and dogs available, among them a grey cat. Could that be him?
  4. When I checked for "Cat rescue groups" there was a webpage for a no-kill reserve about 45min from the Humane Society...unfortunately the number listed was no longer in service & my emails were bounced back by the "mailer daemon", so I don't know the last time that website was updated, or if the reserve is still in existence...

    I don't know if the Humane Society is "no-kill", although someone hinted to me later that they are not.

    I'm hoping he wasn't euthanised, and if he was I'd feel very guilty.


    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the paper work/cat will be found & we'll get a call saying my mom can take him after all. Or, that he's been adopted already! That would be good, too....
  5. (sigh)

    So... I'm very sad to report.... when we had no call from the shelter all this afternoon, my mother decided to make a follow up call just now.... and whomever she spoke with finally fessed up/figured out.... that he wasn't "acclimating" and indeed, was euthanised.

    I'm sad. I feel guilty for bringing him to the shelter in the first place, only to be euthanised. ...Alternately, abandoning him at the dormitories for the summer wasn't acceptable either.

    In hindsight, I suppose he could've survived an empty campus for a week, and we could've gone back to collect him this week.... but that's never a sure thing either.

    Darn. I was hoping for a happier ending. :sad:
  6. That's truly heartbreaking. I hope it's a lesson for everyone to MAKE SURE the shelter doesn't murder the pets who aren't adopted. Next time, if it's either freedom or a kill shelter, I'd just get him fixed, vaccinated & checked, then choose freedom for the animal unless there's a rescue he can be taken to unless he was already in a life threatening situation. I'm angry with this shelter for giving a friendly, trusting kitty less than a week to find a forever home.
  7. Good luck!!