Took a Chance....

  1. And WON! The punch/khaki signature stripe wristlet was on my wishlist after I saw it on someone didn't have a picture of it until I convinced her to take one for me, lol. And it's real!

    Cheap too! Sorry, just excited, lol. Three down...three million to go.
  2. how much?
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Well ok, 35 dollars cheap :smile: I would have bought it at full price if needed!
  5. no, that's good!!!
  6. Congrats, great deal.
  7. Congrats, great deal
  8. Great deal! You won't be sorry! I have the wristlet, beauty case and mini skinny plus the tote and LOVE them all! Great summer color!
  9. congrats! i have been looking for on on eBay but no luck!
  10. You got a deal, and the fact she didn't have a photo is why! Congrats
  11. No - that's really, really good!

    I bought my SIL a khaki/gold siggy stripe wristlet at the outlet and it cost me $39 (only one in the store), and I got my black/white siggy stripe one off eBay for $49.

    Hey - ANYTHING below retail price (on these, $58) makes me happy!