Took a chance, my first "off-ebay" purchase

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  1. So once again I broke my bag ban. I saw two bags on ebay that I was DYING for... they are from this season, and the guy was selling them for 60% off, with no flaws whatsoever!
    I told him I was interested, but couldn't buy them at that price. He said that if no one bid on them, he could let them go for even less if I was willing to do an "off e-bay" transaction. I thought, what the hell, why not? The worst that can happen is that I lose my money. That would be a bummer, but not like losing a limb.
    So I paid, he shipped out next day, and the bags should arrive today. We'll see how it turns out!!!
  2. you never know, these things might come along with a happy ending :biggrin:
    when I use to be less knowledgeable about the risks of off ebay transactions, I did a fair few and luckily I've always had a good ending.

    Hope your bag arrives today :yes:
    Let us know
  3. OMG, when I think about some of the off eBay transactions I did it makes me shudder. I also did a layaway for a Chanel bag with a lady in Hong Kong. It worked out fine. I think most people are basically decent, but you only hear about the bad apples.
  4. Hey LL, can't wait to see your new bags!
    I've done off Ebay transactions and everything was fine!
    Waiting patiently to see your new additions.
  5. Thank you ladies... the mail truck just drove by, so it should be any minute now!!!
    I'm going to have my husband open the box on the patio because the bags are coming from NY and I'm paranoid about bed bugs...
  6. Very nice, congrats! I love hearing these stories where things went great for a change!
  7. Hubba Hubba :nuts: gorgeous bags!
  9. My goodness, SCORE! I absolutely adore the second one. Congrats babe :biggrin:
  10. Don't I know it? I am selling two V-bags to equal these out though :smile:

    PG - Thanks! I love it too!
  11. Congrats!! Lovely bags!
  12. Glad your transaction went perfectly. Your purses are gorgeous. Love the 2nd one. Enjoy them.
  13. yay!!! glad everything worked out!!!. they are very pretty. congrats...and enjoy
  14. Glad it went perfectly!