Toodles, Ta-ta, Adios Amigos!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. I won't be on the pf that much over the next 2 weeks. I am leaving for Florida to visit my folks. We can't wait! They are the most generous, funny people and my husband and I, and the kids love to be w/ them. I have begged them to come live w/ us, but they always tell me some nonsense about how they have a life :shrugs:

    Anyhow, while we're there my dh and I are going to escape for 3 nites at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando to belatedly celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary:graucho: . We go there every year and absolutely love it! The bellman even saw me naked there by accident once:shame: . Now he suffers from hysterical blindness.

    I'll be checking in and up on all of you from time to time, just won't be anchored to my pc as I usually am.
  2. Have a wonderful time -- sounds like you have awesome parents :yes:
  3. :yahoo: have fun with your family!!!
    Take care!!!:flowers:
  4. Sounds like a fun trip you have planned. Enjoy!
  5. Have a great time in Florida, shushopn! How about asking your parents (they sound like fun) to log on here and better still, post? :smile:
  6. Have fun! :biggrin: I love the Orlando Ritz Carlton, I've only stayed there once, but it's the nicest place I've stayed!
  7. Anotheremptysky - the Ritz is beyond Fabulous! They always treat us soooo great. It really feels like home to us except w/ people who cowtow to us and no kids!

    Passerby- my mom thinks I'm nuts to spend what I do on bags though she loves my hand me downs...She was off an old Fendi of mine to her friends, sooo cute!

    I will miss be here constantly weird is that?!!
  8. Sounds like your in for a fun weekend...enjoy your time with your parents...they sound wonderful.
  9. have a fun and safe trip!!
  10. Yeah-sure it was an accident about the bellman seeing you naked ;)

    Have a good time doll-you will be missed
  11. Oh, that sounds like a great trip you have planned. Have fun and happy anniversary!
  12. Shushopn, up to a year ago, I'd have agreed with your mum. :smile: