Too Young?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    My 10 year old sister has been wanting a WOC. I know that she would have to shorten the chain and all, and I have been wondering "How young is too young for a Chanel?" Everyone says that if she wants a designer bag, she should have a Louis Vuitton bag, because it is more youthful. She is in love with the color pink, and has been as long as she was alive, and that matches most of her wardrobe. I like to spoil my little sister with things that she wants, but I was wondering, if she gets one should I just buy her a couple throughout a few months and maybe a span of a year? I would like her to have:
    1. Pink Patent WOC
    2. White Patent WOC
    3. Black Patent WOC
    Everyone tells me I am going to "Raise" her to be a spoiled brat, but she started with that little dora purse, she got a coach for Christmas last year, a Michael Kors for her birthday, and we want to buy her a Louis Vuitton bag. Our parents aren't angry, because they love to spoil her. SOO.... Anyone think it is too young?
  2. No, I really do not see why it matters. My 3-year old loves all things pink so I have given her a pink Chanel, Prada, and Fendi. She loves them and treats them differently than her nonbranded bags because she know they were special. I also bought her a couple of pieces of pink gold VCA and she calls it her princess jewelry. Being spoiled and owning nice things are not mutually exclusive.

  3. Great! Such a joy knowing little ones appreciate designer bags early!
  4. She is young but if she will take care of it and you have the funds why not?
  5. Ok you asked so I'm going to be honest and say yes, that she is too young. That is my personal opinion so please don't feel obligated to have the same stance but I really think that 10 is a young child and they don't understand or appreciate Chanel -- or have anything to look forward to as she gets older and really appreciates what she is getting. Of course it sounds like $$ is not an option so maybe she already gets everything and who am I to judge...if you want to buy me 3 WOCs, I'm in! Maybe she will let me borrow them...

  6. 10 is absolutely TOO YOUNG!!!!! She needs to have something to look forward to...I have 2 girls who love my bags but understand that they will have to work for them....just like I did!!!:smile:
  7. I think 10 years old is way too young for Chanel. Children that age are just that: children. I get it she loves fashion but at that age anything looks cute and she can enjoy so much.

    Let's face it we love Chanel as adults bc it's beautiful but it is a status symbol. Kids don't need a status symbol like that, they just need to be kids.

    This is coming from someone whose parents dressed her in Italian children swear and none of my fellow classmates did. It made me appreciate clothes and style but the labels were well made and not a "status symbol".
  8. I would say yes, 10 is too young. I saw your post on the LV forum asking whether you should start collecting LV or Chanel first so I am going to assume that you don't have a Chanel yet. I think that it would be hard for her to really appreciate it.
  9. 10 is way too young. I do feel like you may spoil her if you start buying Chanel at such a young age. She will want more as she grows up. Chanel at 10....she may want a hermes birkin by 15! ;)

    Even if you can afford to spoil her, the best thing you can do as an older sister is to teach her the value of hard work so she can purchase these things for herself in the future
  10. Yes 10 is too young. I think that 15 is too young too. I have three girls ages 9, 7, and five. They all love my bags and they all want one because they see me carrying them. They understand that they will not be getting a chanel or LV unless I die. LOL. There is nothing wrong with hard work and earning something. But 10 is too young in my opinion.
  11. This. Can afford it and should get it are two different things. My parents could not afford to get it for me but I can definitely get it now for my daughter. But I won't until she's about 21 or some arbitrary age where she understands what that means and appreciates it. And then maybe i help her with a savings plan so she can contribute towards it. But then again it is your money and your family so you should do whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  12. Haha! That's not offensive at all. I think that's more funny than it is offensive. Especially the one that says "Forget it. Get her an Hermes!"
  13. I think your intentions here are certainly admirable, however 10 is definitely too young for Chanel. As her older sister, you'd only be teaching her to expect luxury items handed to her in life without actually having to earn them. If you want to give her 1 WOC as a birthday present or something, maybe it's a little different, but giving her more than that "just because" is sliding down a slippery slope that you may not be prepared for long term. Just my personal opinion! (That being said, if you want to adopt me as your younger sister and spoil me with Chanel, I'd certainly be gracious! :smile: haha)
  14. I agree it is a bit young to give a child a Chanel but if she takes care of her stuff and gets good grades, i think you can justify getting her one WOC. Jennifer Lopez gave her daughter a Chanel purse a year ago for the Chanel fashion show. If you can afford the expense than great but spoiling a child can have repercussions later in life