too young?

  1. hey ladies.. i'm wondering what would be your opinion if you saw a young girl carrying a birkin? would you think 'too young' or 'a bit much'?? i ask because i'm 17, and although i'm not going to be buying one (heh, at this age i keep thinking the money i am saving should be going somewhere else), my aunt has a small collection. :love: she's very kind and allows me to pet it and will let me borrow one one of these days. :yahoo:

    i am extra careful with everything :noworry: but i am so scared if something happens. i freak out when i get a stain on something :shocked: my auntie is more relaxed than me (though not sure about if something happened to her bag)

    so do you guys think you can ever be too young to carry a birkin? and if you were me would you borrow it?
  2. I will be totally honest with you. If I saw a really young girl carrying a birkin I would probably think it was fake. Unless of course, she was dressed in designer clothes, wearing designer shoes, etc. then it might appear to me that she could actually Afford a birkin, I might think it was real and then I would probably think her parents must have bought it for her.

    Now, on the other hand, if that is your dream bag, then I would continue to save my money and develop a relationship with a SA close to you (or closest to you) and work toward eventually getting my dream bag someday no matter how old I was!!

    If I had the money when I was younger, I would have definatly bought any bag I wanted without regard to what other people thought. I love bags and have since I was a little girl, so I buy the bags I want and I don't care what other people think!

    Good luck!!
  3. ^^agree with tr444
    It's great that you really appreciate everything about Hermes items. I say save away for your own bag and treasure it when it comes.
    Personally, I'd be too paranoid to borrow anyone else's Birkin (that's just me.) Heck, sometimes I'm paranoid carrying my OWN!! hehe
    You have plenty of time to learn more about these bags! Please stay around here and post!
  4. pinkbunny, I don't think there is really a "right or wrong" answer to your question. I think it is very nice, however, that you are thoughtful enough to wonder if you are too young to carry such a nice bag, which alone speaks to your maturity. Whatever you and your aunt decide will be great. And if you want to lend it to me feel free.
  5. I agree with the lovely ladies above, just think though - if you love Hermes now, imagine how much you'll love it when you're older. I wanted a Kelly when I was 16 (just got one at 32!), so I know the feeling!

    I also think there's nothing nicer than seeing a more "mature" lady carrying her Hermes - elegance personified!!!

    Having said that - I would never mean to offend any younger gals from having their Hermes,'s just that I see the Ashley Olsens of this world and cringe!!
  6. I don't think you are too young. And I think it is wonderful that you are so careful with things, especially things that belong to others. If you are allowed to borrow one of your aunt's bags, enjoy it. And in the process, start saving for your own!!
  7. Ditto! :yes:
  8. My answer may be a little different from others. I got my first Birkin at a relatively young age, 27 (it was just 3 months ago). Because I look younger than I am, people tend to think I'm "just a teenager with a fake Birkin" or "a Daddy's girl", even though I have a Master's degree and make my own money. So since you really are 17, just be prepared for the same kind of reactions, should you choose to borrow a Hermes bag from your aunt or buy one yourself...

    My advice (if you decide you really do want to carry a Hermes bag) would be to borrow your aunt's bags, but to be really careful with them (I know you would be), and make sure your aunt really is OK with you borrowing it. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money, but I know that between 17 and 25, I had huge expenses that were far more important than a Birkin bag (college and graduate school tuition, books, food, etc.). I waited until I finished school and got a job before I "splurged" on Hermes items because I wanted to make sure that these important items were covered first. Also, most girls your age don't carry Hermes bags and may not appreciate the value of one, and if you took it out to a party or the movies (any place where you'd be hanging out with your peers), you may either have to carefully guard your bag and refuse to let others touch it or take the risk that others may not be so careful.
  9. Funny, thre was a similar question posted on the LV board, but it was for LV and 12 year olds! Personally, I do think that 17 is a bit young - I'm currently 28, and hope to be getting my first Birkin next year from my DH when I'm done all my training, but I have worked my butt off to get here now. I honestly don't think at 17, that I had the ability/knowlege to appreciate what a Birkin really meant.

    I think an LV/Chloe would be much more appropriate style and price wise, if you have a taste for designer bags!
  10. Are you going to spend more time freaking out about the bag rather than enjoying it? In that case, Hermes is not for you right now.

    If you can rock it, go right ahead but you might feel overdressed with it, or may not be able to carry off the look.
  11. it's considered an older look because the bag is recognized as an expensive luxury. older, more accomplished people can afford that. it's an association that makes it a more mature look/style, not the design itself. if i saw a young person with one, i would think they either have tons of money and like the look of hermes, or else they want to feel and look important like they imagine grown-ups and/or celebrities are and associate that importance with a symbol like a birkin. there is nothing wrong with wanting to play dress up in that way either. it's far far worse when someone older wants to emulate someone much much younger and plays dress up in reverse.
  12. I think it is wonderful that you would be so careful with your aunt's birkin. This indeed shows that you are mature. As far as age this is simply a number. To carry such a status bag at any age I fell one should be well groomed. The Olsen's of the world just make me ill. It has little to due with whether one is able to afford such and item but how well you carry yourself as well as your bag.There are many young people with families that are able to afford such and item. However, that has little to do with class and refinement. Just take a look at those in the media that carry as well as wear luxury items, and they are classless.My daughter was 16 last sunday. When she is 18 she will have her first birkin. Please be assured that she will carry it well and will be dressed with refinement.We all see those in the media carrying Hermes, Chanel, with dirty sneakers, wrinkled clothes, and horrible hair. I am am sure this will not be the case for you.
  13. Please allow me to add horrible manners as well.
  14. Hi pinkbunny!
    I think this is an interesting thread. Well, I am also 17 and turning 18 on November. I am in love with Hermes but I cannot afford it nor my parents can. It would cost us our legs, arms, and kidneys, our house and our cars Hehe! IMO, 17 is too young to have a Hermes and I would be scared to borrow someone's Hermes. I just could not dare use it publicly. I would feel really paranoid. All the things I want that I could not afford serves as an inspiration to me to strive hard and reach those goals.

  15. I have to agree on the fake/parents must have bought it - thought. I usually think that whenever I see a girl my age (I'm 22) carrying a designer bag. But to be honoust, I have quite a few (9) designer bags, ranging from Prada to Fendi to McQueen (alas, no H yet), that I've paid for myself. My parents can't afford to buy bags at the rate that I do :graucho:. I think you should save up to get your own H - when you've saved up enough money you'll be a bit older for sure ;)