Too young for cartier?

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  1. Hi! I'm 16 and planning on getting the yellow gold love ring and bracelet. I love it so much, but should I wait a few more years or purchase now because of the constant price increase. Opinions?
  2. You might wait on the bracelet as your body will change a bit more between now and full adulthood and your wrist size might fill in slightly.
  3. Well if your parents are willing to buy you such expensive jewellery, I don't find anything anything wrong with it, you are a very lucky girl. In terms of longevity, both the love ring and bracelet are timeless. They are very plain (in a good way) and you can dress them up or down. They are both pieces you will be able to wear at 26 and 66.

    As an advice as I would suggest to buy one or even two sizes larger bracelet so you will be able to wear it even when your weight/body changes.
  4. If your parents can afford & aren't going in debit for this purchase then I'd say go for it but definately get the bracelet in a larger size. Is this for graduation or something special?

  5. The bracelet is coming from my grandmother for a sweet 16 gift and ring for the same occasion from my parents
  6. Well, personally I think the sooner you buy the better, since the price will just keep on going up. I'm 19 (sophomore in college) and I just got a Love from my mom, and there are a lot of girls at Columbia who wear Love bracelets...I haven't seen the Love ring around though, since I think that has a more romantic connotation. If I have one regret, it's that I didn't buy some of the items I want now earlier (when the price of gold was soooo much cheaper). However, I have taken up summer jobs and paid internships to pay for the jewelry I wanted because discipline is always important lol...
  7. Have you seen any girls at Columbia wearing 2 love bracelets together?
  8. Personally I do not think 16 is too young for Cartier..I am 21 and I have a Cartier watch (bb 36 Automatic) Both pieces are timeless that you will enjoy for a very long time!! :smile:
  9. Yep a girl in my Physics class wears the yellow and red gold together and they are gorgeous together :biggrin:

  10. Red gold? Thought there was only white , pink and yellow
  11. I agree with this.

    I am 40 years old now and still have and wear jewelry I bought or was given as a teenager, as these are timeless, quality pieces in either sterling silver or gold.

    I would much rather see a young person buy or be given a few quality pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years, that mean something personally and can be passed down to younger generations, than spend a bunch of money on junk or fads.

    So, do I think you are too young? No! But, do start now a habit of properly caring for and storing your jewelry. Don't take off a ring to wash your hands and forget it in a restaurant bathroom (oops I did that once), don't let friends borrow your jewelry, etc.

  12. I lost my other ring, this is a replacement (upgrade). Believe me I learned my lesson! Never taking it off
  13. If you are responsible then no you are not too young. I also think rather than your family just buying the pieces outright you should contribute to part of the purchase. This way you understand the value of the pieces and take care of them. In addition, get them insured in case they get lost. I bought my first Cartier watch in my 20's...saved up for it and purchased it myself. Of course my parents and grandparents helped contribute the money and I still have it today. They did not buy it for me...I paid for it with my savings but of course they helped.