Too young for animal prints?

  1. I was wondering is there such thing as too young to wear animal print shoes or animal prints anything? I just fell in love with a leopard print manolos...and I am only 21... I usually associate animal prints with old my mom...or at least someone around 30s. Is this true? Or this is just me?

    I mean I don't want to look older than what I supposed to be. I sometimes look older already than my age.

    What do you all think? :sad:
  2. It's just you. Shoe designers whose market demographic is young people (bebe, bcbg, steve madden) have released a slew of animal print models for the fall. This includes leopard, cheetah, zebra, etc. It is a VERY hot print this year. HTH!
  3. ^^^ I agree!

    I'm 23 and bought some cute leopard print platform peep-toe pumps. I love them soo much. I feel so sexy in much so that I've vacummed my home in them! Sometimes that nice pair of shoes can do that (you girls know what I mean).
    I think animal prints are going to be hot for the fall, check out http://,,9hx98c61,00.html

    The ones in the example definately look young and chic (mine are very similar but are a pump not the d'orsay style)
  4. Animal prints are really hot for fall.

    I tend to think it's a "younger" look (ie older people look older when they wear it, whereas younger people look hip).

    It looks great with all black. That's what all the girls are wearing in New York right now....
  5. Animal print for college-age on up sounds good to me.
  6. I think that younger gals can get away with the leopard and cheetah prints best. Not that the older women can't, but most people are more forgiving of what young people wear.
  7. Thanks for the advice... I really appreciate it!

    :yes: I think I'm going to get the shoes...
  8. You're 21. How much older than your age can you look? 25? 30 at the extreme? That's still young. :smile:

    No matter what you wear, I doubt anyone's going to point at you and go, "Look at that little old lady!"
  9. I don't think you're too young. I think anyone can wear them so long as they pair them correctly with other things. I often like to wear an all black outfit and let the shoes be the centerpiece.

  10. I agree. Animal prints have been hot for a couple of years, now.

    Fashion is cyclical and inevitably, some older people will still be wearing the trend from the last time it was in!

    Don't let that put you off! :biggrin:
  11. I've been wearing animal prints since I was about 16 and fell in love with a silk leopard print dress....aaaah :heart:

    Certain people who are uncultured in the ways of the fabulous might think so, but we all know better. Just don't overdo it I say.
  12. you can definitely wear them!!!!:biggrin::lol:
  13. I know this thread was a month ago. But, you are not too young to wear an animal print. Plus, my dear late mother was 71 and was a fashion plate. Now she never tried to look 20, but had great taste. Many older women with great taste would appreciate a young woman with style. Woman of all ages can appreciate great style and would comend you for having it.
  14. only 21? you can wear anything you want to and get away with it!! in this case, it would be the outfit to determine who the shoe would work. i would try and be pretty basic with such a stylish shoe.
  15. I think its just you..I'm 17 and I'd wear animal prints, they are cute! If my mum (who is in her 40s) wore animal prints I'd think it would look weird lol. They def look better on younger people IMO although obviously anyone can wear what they want. ;)