Too springy for autumn in NYC?

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  1. Just bought these adorable T-strap pumps from Anthropologie. They're slightly darker than pictured, but I'm wondering whether the light color + peep toe = warm weather only. I could see myself wear them with skinny pants as in the second photo....


  2. Are they suede? If they are I think they're ok for now.
  3. I think they're ok for a little while longer.
  4. It does look like suede from that photo, but it's actually a soft, wrinkly leather
  5. I think they will be fine for autumn. They look very soft, like suede, which gives them a fall look. Indeed, they don't strike me as particularly springy at all. I like them!
  6. you can wear them now, and even consider adding wool stocking for wintertime.
  7. Ita!
  8. i think they are fine. wear tights (my answer to everything)
  9. I think you can wear them now. They would look nice with tights also!
  10. definitely wear them - tights, wool stockings, etc. - they look pretty
  11. they're pretty! i see them w/ both season depending on how you wear them
  12. They're fine! And I think they'll look really cute with tights this fall.
  13. Great--thanks ladies!