Too soon for Tano 2010? Naaaaah!

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  1. #1 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    Well, while we are all still on pins and needles awaiting our fall pre-orders .... I decided "what the hey" and did some hacking around ..... While there are no colors or pictures I do have a list of names for Tano's Spring/Resort 2010 collection!

    Aging Groupie
    Award Worthy
    Backstage Bubbles
    Beachy Keen
    Bento Box
    Between Myth and Reality
    Black Out
    Boy Genius
    Celebrity Lines
    Certified Dandy
    Contemporary Vanity
    Cool Cut
    Curious Concoction
    Dare to Bare
    Different Slopes
    Favorite Bookend
    Favorite Find
    Favorite Spotting
    Flossie Flossie
    Flusher Times
    Going Native
    Go-To Sac
    Haute Yet Humble
    Imaginary Kingdom
    It's a Thin Line
    Just Debuted
    Kick Started
    King of Cling
    Line Up Now
    Long-Term Girlfriend
    Love It or Loathe It
    Meet Jane
    Model Behavior
    Most Memorable
    Muse Enthused
    My Life in Pictures
    My Mayhem
    Native Tongue
    Nectar for the Stars
    Neighborhood Social
    New Muse
    No Soul for Sale
    On the Rise
    On the Small Screen
    Organic Buttercup
    Over the Moon
    Pedal to the Metal
    Pocket Ace
    Post-Show Affair
    Public Persona
    Queen of Lost Civilization
    Rabble Rouser
    Remain Nameless
    Secretly Lusting
    She's Come Undone
    Shining Star
    Snap a Pose
    Sonic Boom
    Steer Clear
    Strap Hanging
    Stripped-Down Sound
    That Rare Species
    The Callback
    Therefore I'm Art
    Time-Space Continuum
    Top or Bottom
    Two Parts Punk
    Up the Ante
    Visual Poem
    X Beau
  2. flossie flossie? Isn't that from that Fergie song? lol

    Omg tano is so hilarious... favorite bookend? bento box? dare to bare? lol love it!

    LOVE! time-space continuum... that's physics!!!!!!!!!! WOOT GO TANO!
  3. ^^I know!!!!! Two Parts Punk..... LOVE it! haha
  4. LOVE the names. Can't wait for some photos.
  5. certified dandy? lol that is too cute
  6. I'm also pretty sweet on the name No Soul for Sale and Therefore I'm Art.
  7. I like No Soul for Sale too. Also Secretly Lusting - that says it all! And Neighborhood Social. That conjurs up some great visuals!
  8. T.E. posted that she'll be at the trade show the first week of August so maybe we'll start to get pics in a couple of weeks.
  9. ^^ I know I saw that, the overlap between seasons with Tano/TPF is just crazy! I don't even know what I want from fall!
  10. ^^Like waiting for Fall isn't bad enough now I want to see what bags go w/ these names :lol:
  11. Muse Enthused!

    And wow...when I read TE was going to the next show...and we are still dying for fall bags!! They know how to keep us on the edge of our seats!
  12. Bento Box....I'm very curious about this one!

    Wonder how something like this will translate into a handbag? Maybe a lot of little compartments?

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  13. ^^ That's what I was wondering too Kris lol! I was like food --> tano???

  14. NOW I want sushi.....
  15. ^^ Me too...looks YUMMY!