too small for G???

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  1. I'm planning to buy my 3rd LV (I have started my LV loving last nov 2009...I know:noggin:)...and I have been eying the Galliera PM in monogram...the problem is..I'm only 5'1" tall!What you think ladies? Am I too petite for Galliera?Any comments would be appreciated!;)
  2. I am only 2 inches taller then you and I have the galliera PM. I think it is a perfect size and not big at all. If you were interested in the galliera gm them I would def say it is too big. Go for it! The galliera pm is my favorite bag.
  3. No I do not think you are to small for a pm. Ashley Tisdale is your height, and she rocks the gm on the celebrity thread, but I would say it might be to large for you. The pm is a perfect size for everyone!
  4. Thanks for the reply Jilly...I love the Galliera the 1st time i saw it!..
  5. I just checked some pictures of Ashley Tisdale..Oh were right!It's not bad at all for a height like mine!Thanks:nuts:
  6. It will look great on yo
  7. Your welcome. Let us know what you choose and make sure you give us a reveal:biggrin:
  8. I'm 5'2" and am loving mine.....go for it!
  9. I think it would look perfect on you :smile:
  10. It's perfect for you!! I'm the same height and I love my galliera!!!
  11. it's perfect gallire pm!!!!!!!i love galliera!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  12. i think you should try it in store. When I see people with Galleria PM, I always think this bag is great and really want to purchase it. After I tried it in store, I change my mind, I think it looks big on me. (I am 5'2" and in petite size)
  13. go with pm, she is not big at all!!! not tiny either:smile:
  14. I think it's a perfect size for you.
  15. i am 4"11 and the galliera PM is a great size's not too big at all!! go for it!!