Too small, but still wear them?

  1. I bought a pair of shoes the other day. Just from Peacocks, they were gorgeous!!! I fell in love with them when i saw them. But then, i wore them out, extrememly proud and couldn't walk for the pain! They were a size too small. I could walk, but got bad blisters.

    But, the shoe lover that i am, and i fell in love with them, i am stil going to wear them! I will buy more if the have them in a bigger size but yeah...has anyone else ever worn shoes too small before because they like them so much?:rolleyes:
  2. Yes I have to admit I'm guilty of that one - I buy a lot of my heels in a shoe outlet in LA and they dont always have all the sizes...but if they are HOT enough I will wear them anyway even if they are a bit small and just "grin and bear it" - LOL
  3. I admit i have too :hrmm: its just so hard to resist the PERFECT shoe when you find them. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do...
  4. Thanks! I'm not the only one lol. My friends are driving me crazy saying "But if you can't wear them then why are you wearing them?" and i'm like "Because they're stunning!!!" lol.
  5. I had this happen to me too. I bought a pair of pumps that seemed to fit just right in the store, but they were too small when I tried to wear them a few weeks later. I was in complete pain and couldn't walk in them -- felt like I had my foot in a vice. Thankfully, I was able to take them to my cobbler to get the front of the shoe stretched. This made a world of difference and I can now wear and enjoy them.
  6. yeah, I did that with some amazing Calvin Klein stiletto boots a few years ago and after standing for 4 hours at a friend's cocktail party on her houseboat I paid the price dearly.

    As I near 40 this year, I have to be careful. I have wide feet and my feet have gone up about a half size to an 8, and if I squeeze into shoes that don't fit I'm going to pay the price later. when I was younger I wore shoes too small and now have a couple crooked toes as a result. They aren't too weird or freaky, but a reminder of my past shoe wearing behavior :push:
  7. I recently did this, it was a Alaia Bow Ballet flat I'd loved forever they went on sale and the only pair they had left was a size too small. I had to have them so I got them bought some stretch spray and professional shoe stretchers from eBay and now they are perfect:yahoo:
  8. This JUST happened to me. On Saturday I bought a really cute pair of flats and wore them shopping for just 3 hours before my feet were screaming from pain. I put them on eBay Monday morning and they were sold by Wednesday. (I even told this story in the eBay description)

    It was pretty lucky b/c i got what I paid minus the $4 it cost to ship.

    I loved these shoes, but i just couldn't do that to my feet. I'm going on vacation in a month and there is no way I'm walking around with blisters!
  9. Yes, I have definitely done that ... those shoes tend to be left behind when I move though....
  10. I brought a pair of shoes that are a size too small yesterday! they were sooooo beautiful i had to have them! i've been wearing them around the house all day to try and soften them a bit and have stuffed them with deoderant cans to try and stretch them a little bit beacause i really wanna wear them out for my housemate's birthday tomorrow night. :rolleyes:
  11. I used to do that all the time. After years of not wearing heels, I made that mistake again. I didn't purposely buy it small, it was my size, but my feet weren't fitting properly. I got it for a wedding in Vegas. When I first started walking around, I thought thought the pain was just because I haven't worn heels in a long time. But then I realized that the shoes were too small and my feet kept slipping down the shoe... it got to the point where it hurt to walk and hurt to stop. I will NEVER do it again! Now, I try on the shoe and walk around the store with it. If it doesn't fit me, I'm not getting it.
  12. Not often, But I am guilty of doing that on occassion...I just use clear band-aids on my ankles to prevent blisters....The pain women go through to look good....:nuts:
  13. Always.. Like what bebestyle said i use band aids to prevent blisters. What women will do for beauty eh? Bf always says i'm stupid but he's a man so dont really care. Lols :smile:
  14. i am guilty! but most are given only. i wear them on occasions that are short-lived.. :smile:
  15. i'm guilty as well! - I ordered a pair of shoes offline, and they didnt have my size. I ordered them anyways.. :p