too similar?

  1. i just bought a pair of shoes that i haven't even worn yet but i have my eye on another pair as well. :girlsigh:

    are they too similar and should i just hold out for something else? or should i just buy them too?

    pair i want:



    pair i just got:

  2. I like them both ;)
  3. both very nice but too similar.. u'll be sick of the style by fall, you're not gonna be wearing either of them for years so i'd stick to just one..
  4. Love them! Is the top pair as light as that IRL? Also, is this another pair from Nine West? Are they pony hair too? I would be worried about them getting dirty. Even if you are very careful sometimes your feet can rub against one another whilst walking and get dirt marks along the sides.
  5. thank you ladies, i've decided to take your advice and pass on them :smile:

    and poshchick, yes, pony hair too and i think i'd be worried about colour transfer on something that light, plus the poblem you mentioned with the balding