Too similar to my Blue Roi?

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  1. I am apparently obsessed with this type of blue. The boy bag has been growing on me over time but not sure whether to get one. Mostly I think I should be banned lol. But this bag is just so gorgy! Borrowed pic from tpfer and general Internet search.

    I have the 2010c caviar blue roi jumbo and also picked up the 2016s bright blue caviar woc in chevron. Not to mention the Hermes Evelyn in blue electric.

    Chanel wise, I also have a black caviar jumbo, black lamb jumbo, a black lace over pewter goatskin m/l, an oxblood small vintage flap, and a black quilted woc.

    Do you guy think the chevron blue boy is too much of the same thing? I also wonder about scratches since it's so smooth.

  2. Alternatively, can someone clue me in on what other colors the chevron boy comes in? I saw in another thread that there is a caviar chevron boy, is that already out? Anyone know what colors it comes in?
  3. I have the red chevron boy. I also am pretty sure it is available in navy.

    I LOVE your blue!;)
  4. I understand your dilemma completely, bright blues are my weakness too. I also have the 10c Bleu Roi (and a few other blues...) but felt this was different enough to justify getting. It's a different style, hardware, and a chevron print compared to the 10c- that was my reasoning anyway:smile: In my experience calf has been really durable and carefree- I have another calf chevron boy and I have used it a lot over the last year and it still looks perfect. In regards to colors for this 16s calf chevron boy release, I know for sure that there were a silver, bright yellow, red, ivory, nude/light pink, beige, bright blue, and black released-and probably another color or two I forgot. Not sure about a caviar chevron boy...
  5. I'm not a fan of the Hermes Evelene and would keep the two Chanels. But I think you're asking about color not style.

    I think it depends on what your basics and neutrals are.

    I can have multiples in blacks, red, cobalt, pink and silver because they will get lots of wear. In contrast, I don't have clothing to justify even one brown bag and have to be creative to get enough wear for my ivory bag. I just don't wear earth tones or colors that go with earth tones.

    I also think hardware can matter. I like coordinating my hardware with my jewelry choices. So for my much loved colors, I want multiples with different hardware. Of course this isn't any kind of rule. It's just my preference.

    So, if you love the colors and they work with your wardrobe, keep them all and enjoy!!
  6. I've been on a bright blue kick myself, trying to decide on the perfect blue to add to my collection! Ideally for me it would be the 10c blue roi but thats not going to happen lol I think that this boy bag (although it is also bright blue) is different enough from the flap that you already have to justify getting it too =) Different pattern, different hardware color, and possibly different hardware color! and WOC doesn't even factor in really, thats for completely different use lol

    I'm on the same boat as you, lusting over a blue as well.. debating if I should go for it or go to banned island. Good luck deciding!
  7. Get it. Blue is your signature color, don´t fight it! :smile:
  8. Love this blue!

  9. Ha these aren't my pictures, but it is tempting isn't it?

  10. Ohh what other blues do you have? Do you have this boy? Good to know that smooth calf can be durable too.

    Thanks for the colors!!

  11. Thanks!! What bags have you gotten in your bright blue kick and what's on your wish list?
  12. I wanted a bright blue with shw, but in caviar. The 16s CF w shw only comes in lamb, so I bought a medium 16s Chevron flap in caviar but when it arrived it had so many wrinkles in front :sad: Brand new from NM but I think bc of the pattern it was naturally like that, so I'm going to return it. I've finally decided on the 16c jumbo with ruthenium [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]

    This is the medium I will be returning.

    This is the one I will be getting!

    I need to ban myself! This blue will be the 7th Chanel in a 2 month period [emoji37] As for wishlist, I want to add a jumbo black chevron flap shw in caviar. I really wish they would make the So Black in caviar [emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374] Anyway, how about you?? Have you decided to get the blue boy or not? And what's on your wishlist??
  13. If you love blue, you love blue! Enjoy it and Embrace it!
  14. #14 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016

    Beautiful! I think you can't go wrong with classic quilted, but if you really do want the chevron, try to put a cotton towel over it and run a clothing steamer (others have had success with a steaming iron) over the towel. I've gotten dents etc out of Chanel bags. Supposedly Chanel SAs does this as well.

    On my wish list is this boy or potentially a caviar chevron boy. But a large part of me feels like I should be banned due to some upcoming house expenses. :/
  15. Yes, I have this boy- I couldn't resist. As for blues, I probably have too many:smile: I recently got the current bright blue caviar chevron jumbo and square mini as well. I have no self control when it comes to a good/fun blue
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