Too Similar to Have a Twiggy and a City in the Same Colour?

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  1. Do you guys think its too similar to have a Twiggy and a City in the same colour? How about if the City had GH?
  2. I only have a Black City at the moment, but I have been thinking about getting a Black Twiggy too as I really like the boxy style.

    I suppose it would depend on what colour you were thinking of - I suppose nearly everyone has more than 1 Black bag.
  3. No, they are very different. I have a black city and black twiggy. And a black clutch. and I want other black bags.... if you like the color, no problem.
  4. I have 3 black bags and 2 black accessories (a 4th black bag on the way) 2 white bags and now I'm going to have 2 steel bags. I really want one with GH for that rockstar look and one with RH for the classic look.

    I just wasnt sure if a twiggy and a city are too close in size.
  5. In terms of what they can hold, they are similar, but since the twiggy is short, wide and deep, it looks totally different to the taller, shallower bag.

    If you think you will get good use of both, then go for it. Especially if you kick it up with the gold hardware, then they will look extremely different!

    Post when you get her : )

    I wish you well,

    Bridget <---- enabler :yes:
  6. Not at all! If you like the color, then why not get it in different styles? The Twiggy and City are different enough in look and capacity. I say go for it!
  7. I have black first, twiggy, city and work- they are very different. No regrets!