Too Similar in Color? Dilemma!

  1. Ok..I have a dilemma....

    I have 2 bags coming in and I am concerned they are a little too similar in color:

    Kelly 32cm Gold/Gold harware, white stitch, clemance leather
    Birkin 35cm Etoupe/Gold hardware, white stitch, clemance leather

    What do you think? Maybe I should pass on the Kelly and hold out for a 30cm birkin in a fun color??

    The reality is my lifestyle fits more with the birkin than the kelly at least for now.

    I wear mostly neutrals...

    Please help:flowers:
  2. They seem like different colors to me...isn't gold more "warm"-toned and etoupe slightly "cool' and more grey-toned? Both would seem to compliment other neutral colors...

    That said, I am a birkin girl all the way...I have come to the inclusion that it suits my classic casual lifestyle...and I like the double handles...
  3. O.K, I have a gold hw,gold togo kelly....I am waiting for my dream bag - gold hw, gold togo Birkin. Same colors, same leather, same hardware. TWO DIFFERENT looks,imo. I love both classic bags, they compliment different styles:nuts: ...I see no problem with similar tones, especially since "Etoupe" is a different tone anyway. I think I like different, neutral tones in hermes bags. They are more useful in a wardrobe sometimes. If the size is too similar though, maybe a punch of color may be in order. I think you may enjoy a birkin in a bright color by the sound of your post, but if you would wear the neutral more often, I would get the Etoupe.
  4. Agree with Star!
    Besides, Etoupe is REALLY different from gold and they are both very good neutrals. When you're wearing warmer tones go with the Kelly. If the gold isn't perfect with an outfit, the cooler etoupe might fill in the gap!
  5. i have both colors and i really can recommend etoupe!!!!
    it is a great neutral,just go wit everything!!!
  6. Thank you so much with your feedback! From the posts it seems these colors really aren't that similar after all...I'll have to add a punch of color birkin to my wish list:biggrin:
  7. Since the bags are not the same style, I don't think they would be that similar - however....that said, if you are willing - go for COLOR!!! JMO of course!
  8. If you're more of a Birkin gal, I'd also suggest going with the Etoupe Birkin (lovely cool neutral) and holding out for a 30cm in a fun color.
  9. I think both are quite different in my opinion! However, if you feel yourself that both would be too similar and would like a more colorful one, then have a look at the bags when they arrive and then decide.

    I, myself, ordered a natural chamonix Kelly and a gold togo Birkin. The colors are a bit similar, but the use is totally different!
  10. Etoupe is a great colour and I think it goes well with many colours. My:heart: melts when I see etoupe and chocolat:tender: .

  11. Oh, dont worry. They are 2 very different colours :yes:
  12. Gold and etoup is two different colors...I think etoup is pretty, and gold is classic color...
  13. Agree with the majority, both colors are so different imo. Get both, hehehe.. the more the merrier..