too similar? i'd love your opinions!!!

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  1. recently, i got the mc white wapity as a gift~ but just the other day i set my eyes on the new mc white zippy wallet and I MUST HAVE IT! the only thing bothering me is that they seem to be similar in shape and style. both are square-ish and zippered :hrmm:...

    are these 2 TOO similar :angel:?


  2. They are not too similar at all! You should get the wallet, it is gorgeous! The wapity could be used to carry different things, but the MC zippy is only used as a wallet! ;)
  3. no, i think that they are totally different items, you should get the wallet and use the wapity for your cosmetics or somthing
  4. no way! they're plenty different!
  5. I think they are different enough! :yes:
  6. Why not expand your collection and get the zippy wallet in black?
  7. ^^ ITA! :yes:
  8. They are different, maybe you can consider getting the wallet in black.
  9. aww, thank all you gals for your opinions ;) i'd be lost without you!
  10. totally 2 different things.
  11. The zippy has the smaller print ~ right? That makes it totally different.
  12. you can put ur cellphone, lipstick, camera and much more in the wapity but not in a zippy wallet
  13. I agree, they're very different. I bought my neice the wapity and she uses it to carry her camera.
  14. Totally Different !!!
  15. Like night and day ... one is a wallet, the other could be used as a wristlet/camera case or other misc. items!