Too similar bag choices ?

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  1. Dear TPFers, I can use some help. I think I have bought all same kinda of bags.
    They are all so pretty and gorgeous I can't think of what should I do about them.

    1. MbMJ Ukita : I really love it and want to keep it for sure.
    2. MbMJ PTTM Natasha : I really like it but not in love with the leather feel..but i LOVE it too. I have not used it and tags are still on so I can return/exchange it.
    3. MbMJ Classic Natasha : Still in processing but I think this can be my everyday bag since ukita is lil tiny bit small for me. I love the color and I have tried it in store already so I love it too.
    4. Tory Burch Reva Glitter clutch : I always wanted to have a Tory reva clutch. I m sure I won't be wearing it as much but it can be used.

    I don't want to regret buying all these similar bags since I have bought all these in last couple of months only other than ukita. I have attached the photos of all these bags for reference. What do you think ?

    :confused1: :panic:
    natasha.jpg pttm.jpg tb_clutch.jpg ukita.jpeg
  2. I'd keep Lil Ukita and exchange PTTM Natasha for the Classic Q one - especially if you don't really like the feel of the leather.
    Can't see the picture of the TB clutch, but if you always wanted to have one, then go for it. :graucho:

    Love the colors, BTW!
  3. I yhink you should keep the lil ukita and Classic Q Natasha:smile:
  4. 2nd this!
  5. And return Tory as well?
  6. Return Tory as well ?
  7. I like the last two... the Tory Burch and the MbMJ Ukita. Love those particular colors in the stock photos. You get a polished handbag and a casual satchel/shoulder bag with these two.

    This is just me personally but I think the zippered flap look is a little hard to get in and out of --

    but on the other hand if you are a bohemian kind of person, the first two MbMJ Nataschas would fit this kind of fashion personality just fine!
  8. Second this! But you can use zippered compartment only for stuff that you don't need very often, like documents.
  9. my fav is the pttm.
  10. I m so torn between the natasha and natasha pttm. I have more crossbody bags and handle bags. I have used my speedy 30 once just so i can show it to my friend.
  11. I think the Pttm is more casual and cute than the Natasha but the Natasha is more versatile with outfits. I don't know what to say about the Uktika other than it's kind of like a Natasha but with a handle. I'm in the same situation as you, I can't choose between the three. What I did notice though is people tend to favor the Classic Natasha more than the Pttm which I don't get.
  12. if it's between the pttm natasha and classic q natasha, pttm all the way for me. i absolutely love cardamom and the hammered hardware. much more striking than the classic q imo