Too short to carry an Edith?

  1. Should anyone under 5' 5" even consider buying the medium Edith? (That's my height WITH 4" heels!!!) :cry: I just got a Paddy Hobo in British Tan a few months ago, and I love it, but I cannot get Edith out of my mind. I don't want to look ridiculous carrying one though. Opinions please...
  2. I'm 5'2 and I have an Edith. :biggrin:
  3. I totally understand why you would be concerned! But don't. I am 5'3 and the Edith is considered a "large" bag on me. But large bags are in dear! Even so, it isn't nearly as big as some of the other ones. Also, when you carry it by hand it elongates your frame, if that makes sense. :blink:

    I've attached a photo so you can kinda see how it would look on you. I'm not wearing any heels in this photo, but flats. I am also attaching a photo with me with my paddy, and as you can see, when you compare the purse sizes on my frame the two aren't really that different.
    T2.jpg T.jpg
  4. lordguinny....I saw your pics earlier while reading through the posts and was admiring your Edith then! :biggrin: you have any pics wearing yours? I swore when I bought my hobo (from lebagboutique) that it was a once in a lifetime purchase. I had no idea when you buy one Chloe it only makes you want another one! :rolleyes:
  5. Hi Debs! You are so right about Chloe being addictive! I just caught on to the Chloe craze in May (I was mostly a Gucci girl). I know, I know, I am so behind! :amazed: But now that I have a paddy and Edith I not only want another Chloe but different color of the same model! :lol:
  6. Don't have pics of me wearing it but I'll see if I can take one. I certainly know what you mean about buying more Chloes. I've been bitten by the Chloe bug. :biggrin:
  7. Great...does this mean if I get a second I'll only want a third?? :shocked: Oh well...there are worse things to be addicted to, right? For years I was an LV addict... after I bought my ninth one I decided that was enough. Then I realized the only LV I ever really carried on a regular basis was my Speedy 25, so I sold the other eight! I thought I was done "collecting"! HA! Oh least I now have room in my closet! I still love my Speedy but nothing compares to the leather of a Chloe. I'll try and post a pic of me wearing my Hobo this weekend. Thanks for your opinions!
  8. Lordguinny, your pics are darling!

    I am 5'3 and I have the medium Edith, too. It's not as big as it looks in photos! If you love it, I say GET IT!
  9. 5' here.
    Always wear 4' heels.
    Edith's one of my favorite bags.
    I'm sure you'll love it!
  10. lordguinny, you look fabulous with your Chloes!
    debsmith - I think the Edith would look great on you!
  11. I am around 5'1" and my Edith looks absolutely FABULOUS :heart:
    (if I must say so myself)! :lol:
  12. I don't think you're too short at all. Edith looks fab on petite ladies. I'm 5'5 so i'm small/average height - and I think it look great! :heart:
  13. I don't think height ever matters when it comes to the love of a bag...go for it!
  14. I am 5ft1 and a bit and have an Edith and have received loads of compliments.
  15. Well, looks like the majority rules! :biggrin: I'm convinced! Now, what color??? I LOVE the look of the Chamois (especially this beauty on eBay #270001044245) but fear getting it dirty too easily...any comments/advice on that? I'm thinking brown would be more practical? :wondering