Too short tights

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  1. Alright this might be a weird thread, yet I can't imagine I'm alone with this problem. So here goes - I'm 5'7'' so pretty much average and not super-tall, yet I can't seem to find tights that aren't too short. It's not like my feet would be super long or something, but no matter how much I struggle myself into tights (different brands and not neccessarily cheap) they are too short!!
    I tried to buy bigger sizes, but then they are just wider, not longer, like they were all made for gals that are 5'2'' or something. Oddly enough I tried some cheap ones from H&M and they fit just right. Still I can't understand why the rest is sooo shoooort... :weird:
    Anybody else have that problem and/or recommendations for brands to try? Affordable ones would be great, but I'm thankful for every idea; preferably european brands as I'm from Europe!!
  2. I have the same problem with most tights! I'm 1.80m/5'11" and I found out that Falke tights fit me perfectly. I just bought a pair of black opaque ones for €16, which isn't too expensive IMO. :tup:
  3. funny enough, i'm 5'0 but i had the same problem - i had to size up in wolford to S for tights! i seem to recall prada's tights were quite long, or was it burberry . . . ? one of the two for sure!
  4. All I know is bigger sizes...I'm the same height as you and I used to buy a size or 2 larger than it claims on the chart and this way they are long enough and not too tight. I also used to wear thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose which I liked a lot better, you can actually buy those in long too. I suppose some places probably sell pantyhose and tights in long. Now I've sworn off hose/tights and haven't worn them in over 10 years, so I'm not sure what's out there now.
  5. Oh I'm glad I'm NOT the only one with that problem. I always wondered why the sizes aren't like short/normal/long as with pants? That would make perfect sense. Maybe some brands offer length-options, but I have yet to find them.

    @ elsie87: Thanks for the tip, I will keep an eye out for Falke tights!
  6. Hm, that's interesting.. what brands are you trying? I'm the same height as you and I used to have the same problem when I was buying one size smaller than I should have. I like Hue tights (I'm 5'7" and about 125 lb, and I usually either take a size 2 or a M/L, if that helps any).
  7. i wear j.crew tights, and i think they're pretty good length-wise. i'm 5'6", 107lbs, and wear their s/m size in the tights.
  8. I am happy someone brought this up, too, I am so surprised to see that "short" gals (I am 5'10" :P medium weight) have this issue as well!

    My problem is, I am needing some nice hose, tights, and Spanx to wear with a few dresses I bought (trying to liven up my wardrobe some) and I am tired of having to buy some, try them on, go back and buy / try the next bigger *(or smaller) size, etc. It is getting annoying, not to mention expensive.

    I am happy for all the suggestions here.... Thanks from me, too. :smile:
  9. I have the same issue. I'm 5ft10 and I always have to buy the biggest size just for the length. I think American Apparel tights are not too bad.